Banco Macro presented the works of Argentine artists Cynthia Cohen and Pabli Stein in the exhibition Esplendor (Splendor) at Torre Macro, curated by Patricia Rizzo. This exhibition is a commitment by Banco Macro to share the legacy and culture of national artists.


Torre Macro, designed by architect César Pelli, opened its doors to share the joint exhibition Esplendor, by artists Cynthia Cohen and Pabli Stein.


The field of action of both artists converges in the conceptual approach of their works, since in both cases it is proposed through ideas inspired by contemporary iconographies. Although they differ in themes and techniques, a climate of elegant celebration and manifest voluptuousness is implicit in their productions, allegorical to different readings of what is understood as splendid.

Cynthia Cohen (1969, Buenos Aires, Argentina) graduated from the Escuela Nacional Prilidiano Pueyrredón, studied with Laura Batkis and attended workshops with Pablo Suárez and Marcia Schwartz.


Her numerous solo and group exhibitions include: Bomba de brillo, Museo Marco (Buenos Aires, 2020), PanDulce, Pasto Gallery (Buenos Aires, 2019), Naturaleza, refugio y recurso del hombre, CCK (Centro Cultural Kirchner) (Buenos Aires, 2017), Futuro Brillante, Van Riel Gallery (Buenos Aires, 2016), El resplandor, PrismaKh (Buenos Aires, 2015), Obra Reciente, Galería del Paseo (Lima, 2014), among others. Some of the awards obtained include the selection of her work in the Premio Banco Central (2015), Premio Primera Selección Fundación Banco Ciudad (2000), Primer Premio Distinción Alianza Francesa (2000) and Primera Selección Premio Universidad de Palermo (1999).

Pabli Stein (1986) lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He grew up in a family dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of women's clothing, and his approach to this universe began to develop alongside his early interest in painting. Today, through pictorial language translated into paintings, collages or videos, Pabli Stein's work explores fashion design and advertising aesthetics. Between 2010 and 2012 he participated in the A-Project Award to support young artists. His exhibitions include REAL FAKE at the Centro Cultural San Martín (Buenos Aires, 2022), El ojo en la boca at Quimera Galería (Buenos Aires, 2021), La piel traslúcida, at Galería Haimney (Barcelona, 2019), Form as Context, a group exhibition of international artists at the Frost Museum (Miami, 2017) and La Otra Luz at Espacio Enso (Buenos Aires, 2014). In 2021 he published his first monographic book Noche Abierta (Editorial Patricia Rizzo, 2021).

Esplendor can be visited until April 15 at Torre Macro, Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, with free admission. Guided and group tours are also organized.

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