From 01/21/2023 to 02/25/2023
São Paulo, Brasil

In her exhibition Temblor (Tremor) at Millán Gallery, the artist captures accidents, dreams, daily activities and writings.


Temblor is the artist's fifth solo exhibition and her first at the gallery. It is curated by Cristiano Raimondi and assisted by Daniel Donato Ribeiro.


In her process, Guga Szabzon resorts to weaving, writing and drawing as merging practices. For the first time, the artist's notebooks will be presented, which serve to record dreams, drawings, collages, poetic writings and sets of phrases said or heard in her daily life and that are then displayed in her canvas. Her work carries the idea of handmade maps that unveils sensitive impressions from small events to dreamlike states.


Temblor (2022) –which gives the exhibition its title– is one of the standout pieces among the unpublished work in the exhibition. It extends from the wall to the floor. In it, lines formed with alternating primary colors break into dashes whose slope suggests this progressive passage between movements endowed with spatial direction until complete dispersion. "The title of the exhibition makes mention of these gaps, accidental and intentional, that continually explode between the movements and relationships of the lines that coexist in Guga's works," explains the exhibition curator. This movement is accentuated by the very occupation of the works in the exhibition space, revealing a thought that permeates the entire exhibition.

Guga Szabzon (1987, São Paulo, SP) uses stitching on felt plates, mostly of large size, to construct images that resemble cartographic essays, landscapes or even drawings that suggest automatism and speed. These works are made in contrast between the gesture of the hand and the unpredictability of sewing by machine. She is an artist and educator. In her research she explores felt as a support for sewing, weaving images in a dialogic process between technique and gesture in which the spontaneity of the line responds to the speed of the machine. In her recent works, which materialize in different dimensions, the lines impetuously mark the surface of the felt, forming vibrant compositions of colors and movements or resembling landscapes, maps and cartographic studies. In abstract works, lines, dots and fragmented geometric shapes constitute a continuous movement with a syncopated rhythm. Her practice is joined by drawings and notes by the artist, who collects poetic writings, words and other fragments of everyday life arising from close observation of the world, as important in her process as the routine of the studio.


Guga Szbazon. Temblor. Solo Exhibition.

Until February 25, 2023

Millan Gallery. Rua Fradique Coutinho 1360/1430 São Paulo.