From 12/15/2023 to 12/29/2023
Buenos Aires, Argentina

As a way of closing the year, Rolf Art Gallery inaugurated the group exhibition Nada tan explícito (Nothing so explicit), an annual exhibition of Vivian Galban's clinic.


Nada tan explícito explores the multiplicity of dialectics between the individual and the collective, using the photographic form as a common medium. Through architectural documentary records, landscape interventions, geometric abstractions and experimentations with media, the spectrum of the visible is eluded. The spectrum of the visible is a structuring enigma in this exhibition and also refers to the essence of the photographic image.


The exhibited pieces invite the viewer to go through a subjective re-reading, as an indispensable gesture to open the meanings that resonate from it. In this way, the works propitiate the liminal space of the incompleteness, giving place to the eye that must find the symbol in the interstice. The new interactions arising from the individual processes, now socialized to the visiting public, contribute to a total web of connections that would not otherwise be possible. Each of the creators exhibits works at different levels of development. This selection is the product of personal advances made in the collective context of the annual clinic.

The exhibition is integrated by Corina Acosta, Paula Aranoa, María Noel Baena, Valeria Beruto, Inés Clusellas, Teodelina Detry, Josefina Dorado, Mariana Fuentes Zamorano, Vivian Galban, Virginia Gauna, Ana Miró, Irene Momesso, Alex Nowiczewski, Georgina Pascual, Ana Piaggio, Alicia Rasore, Lisandro Scherbacoff, Gloria Silva, Patricia Vidal, Sebastián Vigil, Mariela Villar, Ana Zorraquin and Vivian Galban.


Vivian Galban's clinic is a space for the production and reflection of photographic work circumscribed in contemporary art. With more than a decade of experience, the clinic has perfected a methodology that guides the individual processes of work development in a collective context, with the purpose of training the participants in the development of their own tools for the production and evolution of their projects. Through the analysis of references and exercises, they categorize approaches and abstract concepts to apply them in diverse environments, adapting them to individual narratives and facilitating the connection between autobiographical and universal themes. Multiple assistance tools, both in virtual and face-to-face environments, accompany these dynamics to favor greater interaction.

Nada tan explícito (Nothing so explicit). Group exhibition of Vivian Galban's clinic.


Until December 29, 2023.


Rolf Art. Esmeralda 1353. City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.