From 03/25/2023 to 06/04/2023
Marli Matsumoto
São Paulo, Brasil

Gallery Marli Matsumoto presents two new exhibitions: uma casa feita de chão by Raphaela Melsohn; and as a member of CONDO São Paulo 2023, it receives in its space, the Cosmocosa gallery from Buenos Aires that brings a solo exhibition by Argentinian artist Luis Frangella.


Raphaela Melsohn presents the installation "um buraco no chão" that will occupy the entire gallery room. It is a structure that raises the floor by one meter and sinks it into a central hole, serving as a shelter for the entire exhibition.


The installation reconfigures the exhibition space and rethinks the forms and mediums in which our bodies inhabit, resizing scales and behaviors. The ceramic sculptures suggest the encounter of bodies/beasts, or parts of them, with architectures, maps, and topographies. According to Raphaela, the works are "made of clay, so it is like sculpting part of the soft ground." Other works on display are like spatial annotations or models for space-places that will not be built.


A fragment by the artist’s Notes on ground (2022/2023): “Feeling the mangrove with the feet is to understand the ground. Putting shoes on doesn't make any sense. The water in the mud pulls the shoe and sticks to it, preventing movement. Only skin can transit there. Walking on the mangrove is a contract you do with everything that inhabits underneath. The sole of your feet is vulnerable. On the ground, you know everything comes from below, and there is life. A life that doesn't come to me, a surface creature. Walking on the mangrove, you can feel the ground change beneath your feet”.

CONDO is a large-scale collaborative exhibition between international galleries. Host galleries share their spaces with visiting galleries - co-curating an exhibition or sharing their galleries and allocating space. The initiative encourages the evaluation of existing models, pooling resources and acting together to propose a freer environment for experimental exhibitions.


In the São Paulo 2023 edition, Marli Matsumoto Arte Contemporânea is hosting Cosmocosa Gallery, from Buenos Aires, which will present a solo show by Argentinian artist Luis Frangella, from March 25th to April 29th.

uma casa feita de chão by Raphaela Melsohn.

Untl June 4th, 2023.

Marli Matsumoto. R. João Alberto Moreira, 128 - Sumarezinho, São Paulo, Brasil.


CONDO – Marli Matsumoto. Solo show by Argentinian artist Luis Frangella,

Until April 29th, 2023.

Marli Matsumoto. R. João Alberto Moreira, 128 - Sumarezinho, São Paulo, Brasil.