From 12/02/2023 to 12/28/2023
Miami, Estados Unidos

Sense of self is Jessica Trosman's exhibition at the Tomás Redrado Art Gallery.


Sense of Self is the title of the second solo exhibition of Jessica Trosman, an insatiable creator who has the experience of an enormous career in the design industry and the production of clothing, and who now finds in sculptural practice the natural medium to explore her way of doing. It is not possible to separate the artist Jessica Trosman from the designer, an identity that persists in the memory of her audience and in the language of her sculptural work. In the context of the rise of Artificial Intelligences capable of generating content through a complex system that averages and reinterprets the entire history of human creativity, the subjectivity and intentions of a feeling and embodied being in the world become more than ever a necessary condition for an artistic object to produce meaning.


Jessica Trosman describes her life as an exploration of how to exist in the world through making. She abandoned her studies in apparel design urged by the immediate need to address concrete practice in the field. Without waiting for external approval, she plunged her hands into the machinery and whirlwinds of the industry and the market. This vital impulse served as the channel that found in her the elemental intuitions that make up the heart of art: Mistake is the midwife of discovery; matter thinks animated by the hands of those who manipulate it; the work is not seen by the eye but by the presence of the spectator's body before it, as if it were a magic mirror capable of reflecting the inner state of those who stand before it.

JT the artist's origin story would be that of an internationally renowned designer whose exploration leads her to transcend the limits imposed by the industry. The stratification of her sensibility resulting from her experience in this field defines her relationship with this new praxis: another system of appreciation, consumption and circulation. Throughout her career as an apparel designer, her designs have been characterized by an exploration that seeks the abstraction of forms from the lexicon of constructive systems (classic and original) and the primacy of the experience of wonder and discovery on the part of the wearer. Characterized by their semi-hidden details, her work is a sort of riddle woven in thread and textile.


The sculptures created by Trosman have displaced the human body from its role as a frame and support for formal explorations. In this movement she has encountered the presence of her external limit, this kind of rigid and structured garment in which we have wrapped ourselves: architecture, the city.

Trosman's new pieces, hybrids of clothing, furniture and three-dimensional snapshot of catastrophe, are placed high and wide in the physical space to explore the formal and expressive limits of the materials she has historically worked with: textiles, colors and prints. The structures with which Jessica works in this new stage bring her a new lexicon, which begins to inhabit her: metal sheets, carpentry, steel cables and synthetic ropes that tension and suspend her creations on the art stage, like dancers frozen at the top of a jump, whose elegance is underlined by the uncertainty of their final form.


Sense of self. Exhibition by Jessica Trosman.


Through December 28, 2023.


Tomas Redrado Art Gallery. 8163 NE 2nd Ave. Miami, United States.