From 02/28/2023 to 03/13/2023
Lima, Perú

The Perú based gallery Ginsberg presents Hacer toser mi alma (Make mi soul cough) by the artist Antonio Paucar. It is curated by Miguel A. López.


In Hacer toser mi alma, Antonio Paucar uses events, moments and situations of his routine to portray the social climate of his native Perú. An object, image or action takes force and rises to acquire collective strength.


The exhibition included works by the artist produced between 2020 and 2022. Color photographs taken in Cerro de Pasco, at 4200 meters above sea level; black and white photographs, including a self-portrait with his son in La Oroya, an area of Perú considered one of the most polluted places on the planet; recent works from his residence in Öres, an archipelago in Finland; and an installation of birds inspired by Mama Rayguana, a Huanaco legend about the multiple versions of famine and prosperity.


Miguel A. López: "The title of this exhibition comes from one of his poems entitled Puntito negro (2020) (Black tiny dot), which narrates the experience of reaching the highest peak of the Andes and being touched by the light in the midst of a dark scenario. Something of that journey emerges in this group of works produced between 2020 and 2022. Paucar approaches reality through rituals that do not attempt to represent the past or the present, but rather to propitiate an exchange of energies. Ceremonies that allow symbols to heal and regenerate their capacity to shake reality".


Antonio Paucar is a Peruvian artist who lives and works between Berlin and Huancayo. His work resides in his performances, where he creates a dense body of readings that transcend language. He is interested in concentrated and subtle movements through natural, urban and/or public spaces. The significance of his work lies in a poignant staging of cultural differences.

Hacer toser mi alma. Group exhibition by Antonio Paucar.


Until March 13, 2023.


Curated by Miguel A. López.


Ginsberg Gallery. Santa Cruz Av. #1068 CP 15074, Lima, Peru.