From 06/01/2023 to 07/28/2023
Mexico City, Mexico

Kurimanzutto presents the most recent chapter from the exhibition series The man who should be dead by Daniel Guzmán. You must come in to get out is the continuation of the research into drawing that he has been conducting since 2017.


For this exhibition, Daniel Guzmán has expanded a selection of his drawings turning them into structures and spaces that can contain other visual references from his practice.


Music criticism, science fiction, narrative literature, essays and poetry are only a few of the references that inform the works in this exhibition, mainly the works by Lester Bangs, Bob Dylan, Greil Marcus, Jorge Luis Borges, Philip K. Dick, Rodolfo Walsh, Ricardo Piglia, Julio Cortazar, Roberto Bolaño, José Agustín, Alejandro Zambra, Oswaldo Zavala, Tamara Kamenszain, Rosario Bléfari, Mariana Enríquez, Cecilia Pavón, Fabián Casas, and Washington Cucurto.


Four wooden structures compose the exhibition and contain, inside them, a selection of drawings that have evolved throughout the last few years. Guzmán calls these structures “concentrated temporal narrative field essays” and they are organized in four themes: Killing the father / Killing the children / Burying the dead / Life Signals.


Guzmán calls this new drawing exercise: ways of reading and finding one’s way home.

Daniel Guzmán (1964, México City, México) is a voracious reader and incurable music lover. He digests, absorbs and recombines musical and literary references at his own discretion. His work is marked by an almost autobiographical sincerity. Comics and cartoons, song lyrics, pre-Hispanic iconography and sensational press clippings – residues of the artist’s daily life in Mexico City and, more recently, in Guadalajara – combine and reconfigure as part of his vocabulary. Resulting from a constant, disciplined search, his drawings are guided by his hand’s intuition, which translates his references and imagination unto paper. Ink, pencil, acrylic or pastel alike serve to create images that seem to be in constant transformation, and which sometimes interlace with texts in a complex weave of connections and connotations. His sculptures, videos and installations are a reflection of a very personal and intimate territory, that emerges from such close examination of the culture and the urban landscape that surrounds him. With a strategic and contagious sense of humor, Guzmán shares the wide range of influences he has cultivated, and through which he reflects upon his experience of the world.


The man who should be dead. Solo exhibition by Daniel Guzmán.


Until July 28th, 2023.


Kurimanzutto. Gob. Rafael Rebollar 94. México City. México.