From 07/22/2023 to 08/12/2023
São Paulo, Brasil

Marli Matsumoto Arte Contemporânea presents Mestre de obras (literally: master of works, or an overseer of construction work) an exhibition/event that will celebrate 25 years of CAPACETE's manifold activities.


The CAPACETE Project is the largest artistic residency in Latin America that during its trajectory, among its activities, brought to Brazil relevant names from the international context of art.  The exhibition will present objects designed by curators, artists, designers, beekeepers, architects, choreographers and even masters of works.


The exhibited pieces constitute a joint project, a platform dedicated to the fate of objects as thought, as well as their uses in contemporary culture and experience. The space of the Gallery is also that of a house, to which the objects conform or disconform.


Mestre de obras features works by Alexandre Vogler, Arte de obra , Andre Bergen & Yael Davids, Camilla Felicitas, Daragh Reeves, Eduardo Azevedo, Eli Sudbrack, Eliana Otta, Fabiana Faleiros, Fred Gelli, Greg Bousquet, Helmut Batista, Ivan Navarro, Jean Pascal Flavien, Jarbas Lopes, Julien Bismuth, Julia Retz, Laura Lima, Marcos Chaves Mariana Lanari & Remco van Bladel, Marssares, Marcos Martins, Pedro Vitor, Roberto Somlo, Roosevelt, Raquel Garbelotti Regina DabDab, Santiago Garcia Navarro, Ricardo Siri, Vitor Cesar and X-tudo. They are all artists, curators, architects, writers, poets, designers, people –who participated in, or in some ways were close to the CAPACETE program during all these years.


These contributors designed objects with an ‘everyday or daily’ use function, but not necessarily ordinary objects; perhaps they are even extraordinary. The objects are not immediately identified as works of art, but neither exactly or directly as design or as products. They are not ready-mades (readily-made, indifferent), because the exhibited pieces are to some degree hand-made; or if we just use an adjective, they could be ‘heady’.


Mestre de obras is not intended as an articulation that is only related to art concepts, especially those that keep the world of objects in check, as the historical vanguards proposed. Objects increasingly have other, new complexities. More than ever, they are inexorably and symbolically affected by the environments and contexts in which they are (re)presented, (re)enacted. Everything is exposed, either as a fetish or as symbolic capital once again fetishized.

Mestre de obras. Group exhibition.


Until August 12, 2023.


Marli Matsumoto Arte Contemporânea. R. João Alberto Moreira, 128 – Sumarezinho, São Paulo, Brazil.