META Miami and Henrique Faria New York present Selected Works (2003-2019), José Gabriel Fernández’s first solo exhibition at the foundation's Wynwood space. This exhibition features a selection of works in different media (sculpture, reliefs, photography and collage) that spans over 15 years of the artist’s production. 


Referring to the artist’s ouvre, art historian and independent curator Juan Carlos Ledezma wrote: "In the works of the last several years, Fernández proposes a reading of sculpture through spotless geometries and naked volumes that create a dialogue between the body and the works. The precise edges and outlines that define these sculptures and reliefs seem to blur their achromatic nature and sobriety, imparting an aura of calmness and timelessness, while giving them a light and ethereal quality - weightless and immaterial - in spite of the imposing dimensions of some of the works. Quiet but potent with energy, these shapes and forms penetrate, modulate, and mutate from one to the other, from negative to positive, from repose to motion in a sensuous inter-dialogue.”

Fernández’s practice has traditionally been influenced and informed by the history and development of Modernism not only in Venezuela, his native country, but also in the rest of Latin America including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Perú. His works closely deal and relate to concepts and organic ideas of geometry, line and form, space, dance and music. In his series Lingam and Erotes, the artist explores theories and concepts of gender, offering a very personal take in the human body, eroticism and sex. Ledezma concludes: “In this most recent series of sculptures - from which a suite of photographs, present in the exhibition,  reveal singular moments of the same works with subtlety and sensuality - Fernández remits, be it by their titles or by their forms, to archetypical erotic expressions of desire that reinterpret languages of 20th century Avant-Gardes.”

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, José Gabriel Fernández studied Fine Arts at Middlesex Polytechnic, London, 1979-82; Slade School of Fine Arts, University College London, 1986-88; and Whitney Independent Study Program, New York, 1988-89. Fernández  lives and works in New York City.

His recent solo exhibitions include: Huxley-Parlour, London, UK, 2019; Henrique Faria Fine Art, New York, NY, 2011;  Sala Mendoza, Caracas, 2010; Galeria Emma Molina, Monterrey, Mexico, 2007; Sicardi Gallery, Houston, TX, 2003. He also exhibited recently in groups exhibitions in London, Cuenca, Caracas, New York, Miami, Houston, Norton (Massachusetts), Santiago de los Caballeros (Domican Republic), Porto Alegre, Mexico City, Paris, San Sebastian, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


Jose Gabriel Fernández | Selected Works (2003-2019)

Until September 10th

2751 North Miami Ave. Suite #1

Miami, FL. 33127

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