War and Peace: A Poetics of Gesture is the exhibition of Beatriz Gonzalez at MUAC (Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo), which reviews the artist's work. It is curated by Cuahtémoc Medina and Natalia Gutiérrez.


Beatriz Gonzalez is one of the most renowned living Latin American painters in the contemporary art circuit and one of the key references of her country's culture. War and Peace: A Poetics of Gesture is an original review of Beatriz Gonzalez's work. This is the first monographic exhibition of the painter to be held in Mexico: it will offer both an overview of her work and an original investigation of her approach to the figure and gestures as a vehicle for emotional communication.

Since 1962, Beatriz González used painting as a way to appropriate and interpret pre-existing images from Western painting, popular culture and photojournalism. Unlike the metropolitan versions of pop art, her interest was not marked by the images of spectacle and merchandise, but in generating what she herself described as a "provincial" painting that became, especially through the texts of the Argentine-Colombian critic Marta Traba, a model for Latin American painting, a kind of pop of the South. Her best known and most influential works are the furniture that, since the seventies, she made by assembling her paintings to popular furnishings and on unusual supports such as backdrops, wallpapers and graphic objects. Since 1980, her works increasingly comment on Colombia's public life and violence. González is also an art historian, cultural critic, museologist, author of several books and a point of reference for the formation of many recent Colombian artists.


The exhibition presented at MUAC differs radically from the reviews that the artist's work has had recently in Europe and the United States: the museum's proposal is not only about the trajectory of a South American pop artist, but reviews Gonzalez's methodologies in the exploration of the communicative power of the figure.

In addition to presenting an important selection of key works by the Colombian painter, War and Peace: A Poetics of Gesture will offer the public an insight into the artist's ongoing research into the bodily gestures of her paintings. The exhibition will show series of works that, based on scenes from graphic journalism, are developed into paintings, drawings, engravings and public works, where Beatriz González refines a corporal gesture to produce a profound expression of empathy and human understanding.


War and peace: A Poetics of Gesture. Exhibition by Beatriz González.

Until June 30, 2024.

MUAC. Mexico City, Mexico.

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