From 02/01/2024 to 04/27/2024
Mexico City, Mexico.

Sobre cómo poner el cuerpo (On how to put the body) is Karen Huber’s gallery group exhibition. Artists included: Kanako Namura Valdes, Alejandro García Contreras, Yann Leto, Keke Vilabelda, Manuel Forte, Marc Breslin, Endy Hupperich, and Miguel Ángel Ríos.


Every day we encounter and create an infinite number of ways in which our bodies serve as a yardstick to understand our surroundings and vice versa. From taking strides to measure the size of a room to calculating the amouunt of calories burned through the relationship between kilometers traveled and weight. Like the dervishes who spin on their own axis to enlighten their spirits, we move in relation to other masses, static or in motion, we create sounds that help us measure the passage of time. With each wiggle we change the environment, our body is an instrument of awareness and action, with it we interact, we create and reclaim spaces for leisure, rest, repose, sensuality or violence.


This exploration delves into the entrails of what it means to inhabit a space. It oscillates between the micro and the macro, making several stops at the meso, the human scale. Here, we will admire aerial landscapes, wander through sandstorms, play in the park, and be invited to other strangers' houses to observe the passing of time. Our mission: to contemplate the tangible and intangible threads that link the corporeal with the landscape, in the hope of transforming our perception of the places that (we think) belong to us.

Poner el cuerpo (to put the body) involves abandoning the certainty that we are autonomous, stable and sovereign organisms, both of our own will and to exert will over others. In the book Bodies of water Astrid Neimanis invites us to think of ourselves as " bodies of water we leak and seethe, our borders always vulnerable to rupture and renegotiation." We are the very actions we perform in corporeality, we construct narratives and with some of our movements we reveal implications on other spaces, causing pleasure, pain, release, and even destruction of other environments, and bodies, to affirm "our own."


By inhabiting a space we become part of the scenography. Even in the intimate, "Our wet matters are in constant process of intake, transformation, and exchange – drinking, peeing, sweating, sponging, weeping. Discrete individualism is a rather dry, if convenient, myth". As we blend the body with the landscape, the possibility of a transformative dialogue opens up, where empathy and understanding can redefine our relationship with the environment and, ultimately, with ourselves.

–Yes Escobar.


Sobre cómo poner el cuerpo.


Until April 27th, 2024.


Galería Karen Huber. Bucareli 120, 2nd floor. Colonia Juárez / Centro. Cuauhtémoc 06600 Mexico City, Mexico.