By Álvaro de Benito

Austrian-born artist Eva Lootz (Vienna, Austria, 1940) has been living in Spain for more than half her life, where she has established herself not only as one of the great names of contemporary art in the country, where she was awarded the National Prize of Plastic Arts, but also in the whole international European panorama. A regular in exhibitions and public interventions, she now assaults Madrid with a double institutional presence with two large-format exhibitions at the Sala Alcala 31 and the Reina Sofia Museum.


However, this recognition is one more of the many that she has had throughout her long career, but the special thing about the moment in the Spanish capital is the complementary nature of both exhibitions, which cover many Eva Lootz to consolidate a work that, despite so many years of career, continues to surprise for its experimentation without leaving aside its easy recognition.


Sala Alcalá 31 dedicates in If you still want to see something..., curated by Claudia Rodríguez-Ponga Linares, works that delve into the reflections around resonance, her already recognized work with light and the possibilities of perception, something notoriously visible in the main installation in which certain substances enter into resonance with ultraviolet light. In addition, the exhibition brings together a series of almost a thousand drawings that materialize the artist's ideas.


For its part, the exhibition Do as they say: and what is this? which the Reina Sofia dedicates to her, approaches the artist from the perspective with which she understands art, a panoramic proposal through all of Lootz's stages, some of them unpublished or reconstructed specifically for the occasion: paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, photographic series and sound works representative of her career, focusing on her drawings and her process or anti-form art stage and highlighting the importance of materials and language in her production.


If you still want to see something... it can be seen until July 21 at Sala Alcalá 31, calle Alcalá, 31, Madrid, Spain. Do as they say: and what is this? can be seen until September 2 at the Reina Sofia Museum, Calle Santa Isabel, 52, Madrid, Spain.


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