Curated by Isabella Lenzi, and running until November 20th, Só é possível se formos 2 [It is only possible if there are 2 of us] is exhibited in the Sala Fernando Pessoa of the Consulate General of Portugal in São Paulo. The exhibition proposes a dialogue between the Brazilian Anna Costa e Silva and the Portuguese Fernanda Fragateiro, two artists from different generations, practices and trajectories, who converge in their desires to think beyond the limits of the individual.


At a time when defending collectivity and deceleration of time is quite the exception, this experience tests the possibilities of not only being and building together, but of learning and un-learning as a duo, with all of its challenges. The works contemplated for this project were conceived in a correlation between the architecture, the gardens and the circumstances of the Consulate-General of Portugal in São Paulo; a space that symbolizes the complexity in relations between the two countries over five centuries. They are works that give rise to a paused experience of this place, ideally as a duo.


Fernanda Fragateiro, who has investigated modern Brazilian architecture for years, presents a proposal in two stages: at the Consulate-General in São Paulo, whose garden was designed in the 1940s by the landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx; and also at the Embassy of Portugal in Brasília, planned in the 1970s by the Portuguese architect Raul Chorão Ramalho. Her practice is characterized by an interest in investigating and challenging modern production, and involves a sort of social, political and aesthetic archaeology. Her research transpires in subtle alterations to spaces and objects that unveil untold and erased stories.

Like Fernanda, Anna Costa e Silva creates with her works a place for co-existence that is essentially immaterial and invites spectators to participate, who bring not only their personal baggage, but also our collective and shared history with them. In her practice, the artist from Rio de Janeiro fosters encounters between people of diverse ages, contexts and realities. Such encounters end up triggering feelings and sensations of intimacy and strangeness, while stretching and overflowing the boundaries between reality and fiction, the ‘I’ and the other, experience and memory.

Só é possível se formos 2: Anna Costa e Silva and Fernanda Fragateiro

Consulate General of Portugal in São Paulo

Rua Canadá, 324 - Jardim América – São Paulo

Free entry