Argentine multidisciplinary artist Adriana Bustos presents her site-specific project entitled Genealogy of a Collection conceived for Viceversa, an exhibition project celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá (MAMBO).


Adriana Bustos' research focuses on analyzing the processes that have shaped current forms of knowledge, mapping the histories and iconographies that have shaped them. Her interest in archives has led her to explore a wide variety of subjects, including anthropology, science, visual culture and history, with the aim of constructing new constellations of non-linear interpretations of narratives. The artist uses the term "genealogy" to refer to the in-depth research she conducted on MAMBO's history and collection.


Adriana Bustos' project radically questions the history and policies of museum collections in terms of diversity, inclusion and equity. In this sense, the artist examines the variety of women, foreign, Afro-descendant and indigenous artists in the first foundational pieces of the MAMBO collection, as well as the current policies of diversity and inclusion. Through an interpretative diagram, the relationships, affinities, associations and influences existing among the multiple instances of the Museum's collection are highlighted. The aim is to create an open structure that accounts for the interpretations of the collection based on the different periods and origins of the works that comprise it.


In the intervention Genealogy of a Collection, the artistic artifacts are considered as part of a system of visual and conceptual representation, suggesting alternative ways of organizing the exhibitions, inscribing themselves in a hybrid framework that is both a museological device and a work of art.

Adriana Bustos (1965, Bahía Blanca, Argentina), is a multidisciplinary artist based in Buenos Aires. She has received increasing international attention for work that interprets the historical connections, both visible and invisible, between cultural institutions, histories of colonialism and dispossession, and the possibilities of assimilation we have in the present. She has exhibited at numerous international institutions, including the Museo Madre in Naples, Museo della Civiltá in Rome, Museo Moderno in Buenos Aires, Sharjah Biennial, United Arab Emirates; Cosmopolis #2 at the Centre Pompidou, Paris and Dhaka Art Summit, Bangladesh in the last twelve months. She has recently had a solo exhibition at Frieze NY, in the "Dialogues" section at El Museo del Barrio, New York. She has also been awarded the Konex Platinum Award 2022 and the Azquy Award 2020.