From 01/20/2022 to 02/22/2022
Bogota, Colombia

The gallery, located in Bogotá, presents exhibitions of artists who, through explorations from the work and, more importantly, in the work, question the use of formal elements both in their proper sense and in contrast to other practices, both artistic and consumption-wise.


Contenido (Content) — Beatriz Olano

In her most recent project, entitled Contenido, Beatriz Olano (Medellín, 1965) continues her exploration of color through the intervention of objects and spaces. This exhibition materializes various investigations that the artist has carried out: work on wood, assemblages and the making of objects for specific spaces. The artist builds abstract pieces where lines and color contrasts are the protagonists. What is particular about her production exercise is the questioning of painting from its place in the work of art, that is, from its limits. In the exhibition, Olano finds, transforms and reconfigures objects, materials and spaces to give them a new aesthetic meaning. "Thus", Luciana Rizo describes in the curatorial text, "enabling the possibility of reflecting on the meaning of color in each of the pieces and the position of the observer as receiver and interpreter of the role of space in the work of art.”


Paleta (Palette) — Maria Isabel Vargas

María Isabel Vargas (Bogotá, 1983) is a Visual Artist from the National University and a Master in Plastic, Electronic and Time Arts from the Universidad de los Andes. Vargas has participated in multiple national and international exhibitions and was recognized for her work during her master's degree.

The artist's interest is to reflect on technology and its influence on visual manifestations, exploring the meeting points between painting and digital images. The curatorial text says: “From a sociological exercise, [she] rethinks the History of Art from the incidence of different instruments that have determined the practices of many painters. For example: the camera obscura, the daguerreotype, photography and cinema; they are tools that have expanded our reality and therefore have given way to new forms of artistic production. For this exhibition, Vargas questions the contemplative experience of painting in a world mediated by virtual technological tools.”

Vargas intends to question the contemplation of the work of art in the current context where the consumption of images occurs through technology. Thus, in Paleta, the artist reproduces holographic images from web pages alluding to the texture and materiality of the compositions.


Contenido – ​​Main Room

Paleta – Project Room

Until February 22nd

Nueveochenta Gallery

Diagonal 68 # 12 – 42, Bogota