From 09/16/2023 to 11/18/2023
Miami, Estados Unidos

Dot Fiftyone gallery presents the exhibition Vertical Landscape from Argentine artist Jorge Miño.


In Vertical Landscape, Jorge Miño presents his new series of photographs about the voids surrounding bodies, objects, and structures; the solitary space that envelops what captures the attention. He conveys the significance of these spaces, a place that beckons (or compels) the viewer to become a part of it, to explore the artwork, a space for others.

In words of Rachel Mohl (Assistant curator of Latin American and Latino art Museum Fine Arts, Houston): “Photography poses a duality between subject and object and subjectivity and objectivity that originates in an encounter with reality. Typically, the referent, or subject, adheres to the photograph, which allows it to create a seemingly objective replication of a specific place and time. As such, the immobility of the photographic image has become equated with death, vulnerability, and mortality. In contrast, the artist Jorge Miño transforms architectural photography, typically used to document a specific place, from a fixed image into a living object, thus returning the subjective experience to image. He does this by transgressing the very nature of photography. He uses his cellphone camera to capture certain architectural elements, and then alters them through various digital processes so that they become unrecognizable. His most recent works isolate, duplicate, overlap, stipple, and dilute architectural elements to produce a nearly abstract formal investigation. The destabilization and decontextualization of the image suspends space and time from its defined linear progression. Juxtaposed flat planes unfold in infinite directions rupturing the previous cohesive composition and revealing a plurality of space and multiplicity of form. Through this spatial-temporal dislocation, Miño transforms the photographic representation from a unified, memento mori into a poetic transgression in order to engender alternate experiences and understandings of reality”.

Vertical Landscape. Individual exhibition by Jorge Miño.


Until November 18th, 2023.


Dot Fiftyone Gallery. 7275 NE 4th Ave. #101, Miami, United States.


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