From 04/14/2023 to 05/03/2023
Galería del Paseo
Lima, Perú

Galería del Paseo opens two exhibitions at its Lima venue: Red Shift: Perú by Martín Peleneur and Inconsciente by Azul Caverna.


Red Shift: Perú by Martín Peleneur


Martín Peleneur understands painting as a way of thinking and as an experimental practice. About his artistic process, Peleneur states: "The act of painting, transformed into a repetitive and addictive fact, why not, wanting to give one more brushstroke, one more square, one more gesture, one more drawing, one more limit... and to go on and on in the ellipse of concentration. When to stop, when to stop this repetitive act? In my case, the limit is given by the systems, premises and methodology of work; the square, the grid and the grid".

Inconsciente: one is not illuminated by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious, by Azul Caverna.


The path of Azul Caverna is of a rather figurative abstraction, whose narrative composition develops by itself within the broad limits of its geometric figures. The general characteristics that define Azul's work seem to be related to the great tradition of universal and Rio de la Plata’s modern art of geometric abstraction. In the words of Raquel Montero: "Azul opens the game. She marks the cut between color and shadow. Azul, the artist, is there, in that line of cut, emerging in her act, offering her work to the gaze of whoever accepts the challenge. The color and the shadow insist in each of her paintings. Is that shadow the meaning of a den, of a protective mantle? (...) The creative act slides metonymically in each of her works. It is in the line of cut between light and shadow where, time and time again, the impulse bursts out, so that the no-longer-imprisoned desire emerges. The artist's unconscious has already played its game, having released its jouissance. Blue is there. So are we".

Martín Peleneur (Uruguay, 1977) investigates the conditions for the creation of painting through exercises, systems and procedures that he can then repeat. He works in series and uses painting as a perpetual experiment. He exhibits regularly in the Rio de la Plata region and abroad mentioning as recent samples: "Ribbons, concentration, repetition and drift." Zielinsky Gallery, Barcelona, Spain. 2019 and "Aceguá Line "Kavlin Cultural Center, Maldonado, Uruguay. 2018.


Azul Caverna (Mendoza, Argentina, 1979). Her work consists of paintings, videos, and installations in line with abstraction and geometry. She is self-taught. Lives and works in Buenos Aires. Exhibitions: 2023, ESTE ARTE, José Ignacio, Uruguay. 2022, Landscape of a detour, Paseo Gallery, Punta del Este, Uruguay. 2020, The invincible summer, Galería del Paseo, Punta del Este, Uruguay. 2019 The expansion of emptiness, María Calcaterra Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Arteba 2019 (Paseo Gallery), Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2018 I will find a horse to feed the apples, Liga Buenos Aires, Argentina / Arteba 2018, Buenos Aires Argentina. 2017 The movement of the intact, del Paseo Gallery, Punta del Este, Uruguay; Arteba 2017, Buenos Aires, Argentina; ArtLima 2017, Lima, Peru. 2016 Invisible Encounters, Galería del Paseo, Punta del Este, Uruguay; Arteba 2016 (Galería del Paseo), PARC 2016 (Galería del Paseo) 2015 Theater for One, SlyZmud, Buenos Aires; Arteba 2015 (Galería del Paseo) 2014 Interfaces, Galerie Zeitkunst, Kitzbühel, Austria; Rectas Coincidentes, SlyZmud, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Arteba 2014 (SlyZmud), Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013 Caverna, Galeria Van Riel, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Arteba 2013 (Galeria Van Riel).


Red Shift: Peru. Solo exhibition by Martín Peleneur.


Unconscious. Solo show by Azul Caverna.


Paseo Gallery/Lima. 770 General Borgoño Street, Miraflores.