From 03/14/2023 to 04/14/2023
Galería del Paseo
Lima, Perú

The exhibition at Galería del Paseo summarizes the work that the artist Sebastián Baudrand developed in Lima between 2021 and 2023.


The exhibition is a reflection of past and future times, history and context, wondering what the present is made of.


Although art often aims to leave a lasting impression, the task of preserving historical memory and arranging a series of objects in a frenetic context is complicated. However, Baudrand has succeeded in creating a system of simultaneous narratives that function as an experiential cartography. His "Érase" project unfolds from south to north, from southern habitation to survival in the metropolis, and from east to west, from analytical observation to inertia in the slope of events and actions.


"The exercises derived from art live under the tension of the idea of posterity, of remaining, especially in a present as elusive and uncertain as the one we live in. But how does the historical meaning of this idea face the practical action of arranging a series of objects in such a frenetic and agitated context? This mise en site is offered as a summary of temporalities, locations, systems of representation and structures in which the complexity of stories and symbologies take shape through a remarkable economy of resources, a strategy that has worked hard to concretely question a system that takes, squeezes and discards with overwhelming frivolity what people create and what people believe in, at different times and in different contexts," explains the curatorial text by Andrés Muñoz Valdivia.


The artist has used his own findings and layers to encode and structure these truths in a more authentic way, honoring time with space, death with matter, and landscape with experience. In this way, the cycle of the story can continually renew itself and allow new voices to add new layers to the story.

Érase. Solo exhibition by Sebastian Baudrand.


Paseo Gallery. General Borgoño 770, Miraflores, Lima, Perú.