From 04/12/2022 to 05/06/2022
Quito, Ecuador

+Arte exhibits YO, MI YO, MI OTRO YO, EL OTRO, VOS Y MI GATO (ME, MY ME, MY OTHER ME, THE OTHER, YOU AND MY CAT). The exhibition, by the artist Jerónimo Albornoz, exhibits representations of the subject as agent, as participant, as dramatization and production.


Curatorial text by Gabriela Moyano

For Jerónimo Albornoz, this exhibition is an act of redemption. The deep exploration due to the felt insufficiency that the medium of photography alone gave him - even more so advertising - results in showing himself within the world of art beyond showing themes or a particular style. The work is born from his curiosity added to his work elements. Using various techniques -analog and digital photography, object, installation, and painting- critically examines the context of his work and raises the question of what makes up his life and his notions of the contemporary world.


Approaching the work is at first entering each piece and then, in a failed attempt, connecting them through his gaze; a perspective crossed by the cinematographic, the image, the history of art, the social and the familiar. Trying to find common elements in these 15 works, we delve into scenarios or spatial interventions that involve a moment, a story or a questioning. They are not works that pretend to teach us or that demand an understanding but that seek a reflection in their spectators and vice versa.


It is proposed that photography has permanence, a way of life that allows coexistence in timelessness: contemporary still lifes with theatrical photography, visual revisions of spiritual dogmas and new spiritualities, sparse nudes with paintings that appropriate his memories. The hidden process of production of the pieces, both conceptual and material, makes it difficult for us to differentiate the spontaneous from the controlled and keeps his work oscillating between the personal and the collective.

Albornoz creates a new thought for each object/subject where its humor is not a joke, or at least not entirely. He allows us to look for meaning where there may or may not be, makes us think about what we have been trained to expect, realizing that those and what surrounds us is informing our opinion; he motivates us to see ourselves as an active agent before his act of giving.


Jerónimo Albornoz (Quito-Ecuador, 1987) graduated as a film director from the Universidad del Cine de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011. Since then he has worked in advertising. In 2015 he founded his own production house JUGO co. where he is executive producer and general director. He has also made several video clips, receiving some international recognition, among which the first prize in a world contest organized by for the video clip "Children of the sun" by Dead Can Dance stands out, which was later published in Numéro magazine (France, 2016), he also got the mention as a finalist in production design with the video clip “Puerta de Sal” by Mateo Kingman at the international festival Ciclope (Germany, 2019). Since 2019 he decided to dedicate himself to artistic creation. In this area, his journey starts with analog and digital photography, creating his own pieces and commissioned ones for musical bands and fashion designers. He is currently exploring different means of expression such as painting and sculptural installations.



Until May 6th

+ARTE gallery

Av. October 12 N26-48

Quito, Ecuador