From 05/12/2022 to 06/03/2022
Quito, Ecuador

“El desorden del discurso” (The Disorder of Discourse), this contemporary art exhibition, includes 15 works (10 acrylics, 2 watercolours, 1 ink, 1 collage and 1 installation) by visual artist Fernando Falconí. The exhibition takes place in the city of Quito in +ARTE gallery directed by Gabriela Moyano and curated by researcher and teacher Lucía Durán.


"Critical appropriation has been a central gesture in the work of Fernando Falconí" describes Durán, curator of the exhibition. “As a conceptual and aesthetic rereading of the discourses and imaginaries of common sense, his work suspends and distorts them. This gesture appears on civic pedagogies of the imagined communities of the nation, or in the scientific-canonical systems that seek to give a univocal meaning to life. The artist’s appropriation is produced by way of a disorder and a new assembly of the world of life”.

The motif of the phylogenetic trees then represents the distortion of what is imposed on nature. By way of criticism, the artist elaborates forms, colors and links that evoke the sense of germination, of possibility, of ordered chaos.

Fernando Falconí Erazo (Guayaquil, 1980) is a graphic designer from ESPOL and a graduate in Visual Arts from the University of the Arts. Among his most relevant participations and exhibitions are: Biennial of the Museo del Barrio, New York (2007); Braga Menéndez Gallery, Buenos Aires (2008); Ecuadorian representative artist at the LIII Venice Biennale (2009); Collective exhibition The Use of Everthing COCA Seattle Washington (2011); “Kunsterliaison” exhibition at the Munikat Gallery, Munich (2014); Chaupi-Aequator Exhibition, Contemporary Art from Ecuador, Paris (2016). He has also exhibited in Los Angeles, Miami, Seoul and Lima. At a national level, he’s had 7 individual exhibitions and more than 50 collective ones.


“El desorden del discurso”

Until June 3rd

+ ARTE gallery

Av. 12 de Octubre N26-48 y Abraham Lincoln, Edif. Mirage PB, local 2

Quito, Ecuador