Alexandra Trujillo amalgamates technology, nature, art and communication to assemble an immersive artistic experience that is no longer located within the walls of a gallery, but in the Amazon forest. The exhibition includes works in photography, textile installation, video-performance, lighting installation and interactive installation. In this way, the subject of communication becomes a medium itself, allowing the work-viewer relationship to become diaphanous.


Organic communication is one of the most subtle and technologically advanced information transfer mechanisms. From a biological point of view, mycelia, the fibers of fungi that connect the roots of plants, constitute a network of connections and exchange of information and nutrients. Paul Stamets called "Earth's natural internet" these underground connections made by fungi.

The impulse of this exhibition arises from observing the capacity of the fungi, plants and filaments of nature that are capable of transmitting photosensitive, kinesthetic and organic messages. Based on this characteristic of the plants and living organisms of the Amazon forest, Trujillo brings the urban exhibition space closer to the subtlety of the sound of the forest and the development of sensitive structures based on the architecture of these organisms.

Ubiquity, the ability of plants or certain microorganisms to be present everywhere at the same time, can be compared with the ability of the human being to generate ideas and disseminate them. This way of communication goes beyond language, approaching the intuitive sphere. Current technological means facilitate this faculty. But, can you really be present in various parts of the world at the same time through the gift of ubiquity of human intuition? Can you send intuitive messages through sound, thought, or the electrical impulses of the mind? In Intangible, the artist uses the mycelium model as a metaphor to approach the structure of an organic-intuitive communication system, through which "plants talk to each other" to establish a series of connections between concepts, works and project proposals.

Alexandra Trujillo Tamayo (Quito, 1990) is a transdisciplinary artist. She trained in dance and contemporary art curation, and has done stage projects and art residencies. A USFQ graduate, she combines psychology with the performing arts, installation, and visual arts. Alexandra has presented works in France, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Ecuador.


Intangible: Memory of a Forest has been carried out with the collaboration of Andrés Aulestia (Video-mapping), Patricio Dalgo Toledo (sound collaboration), Evelina Burneo (sound collaboration) and Gabriel Arroyo Gallardo (assembly and installation).


Until April 29th

+ARTE Galería Taller

Av. 12 de Octubre N26-48 y Abraham Lincoln, Edif. Mirage PB

Quito, Ecuador