Pablo Siquier, Beto de Volder and Lucio Dorr

Galería del Paseo Punta del Este

By Victoria Verlichak | April 16, 2010

Founded in 1998 by Silvia Arrocés in Montevideo (Uruguay), Galería del Paseo inaugurated a new venue in Manantiales, Punta del Este, in 2004. Open year-round, it features a distinguished cal- endar of exhibitions including mainly Uruguayan and Argentinean artists. While the local (New-York based) Marco Maggi and Rimer Cardillo opened the Southern Hemisphere summer season, Pablo Siquier, Beto de Volder and Lucio Dorr are currently exhibiting alluring abstractions of impeccable facture. Capricious lines and geometries compose these works that do not represent the visible reality and that question the very nature of painting, expressing, perhaps, the search for the essential.

Exhibition/Exposición Pablo Siquier, Beto de Volder y Lucio Dorr. Courtesy/Cortesía Galería del Paseo, Manantiales.

Pablo Siquier’s (Buenos Aires, 1961) images emerge from the brilliance of the light and the depth of the shadows, and they emanate a sensuality based on the architecture, design and movement of the city. In fragments of these paintings on canvas, Siquier depicted the complicated warp and the energy of an exuberant urban structure. The atmospheres and sensations in these works are more in keeping with freedom than with mathematical rigor. For his part, Beto de Volder (Buenos Aires, 1962) projects drawing onto space in the openwork woodcuts in which lines trace circles, meet at the vertices, split off, dance away in opposite directions, retreat. The gestures are emphasized by the different colors he chooses for these monochromatic works cutout MDF sheets painted in acrylic to be exhibited on the walls. As for Lucio Dorr (Buenos Aires, 1969), he highlights the free play of forms and colors proposed by Modernism using glass as support, which, as in the case of his series Trisomias, is often fragmented into several parts, then put together again and printed with enamel in exact horizontal and vertical white bands, contrasting with the background tone and stimulating a sensory impact.