Mónica Girón

ZavaletaLab, Buenos Aires

By Victoria Verlichak | June 28, 2013

In Fronterizo y traslación, at ZavaletaLab gallery, Mónica Girón (Argentina, 1959) gathers together works from different series, which include volumes in grey granite as well as watercolors on paper, reflecting a formal difference balanced with refinement and conceptual affinity.

Mónica Girón

It is necessary to point out that the artist was born in San Carlos de Bariloche, not as an allusion to her work being self-referential but because that fact establishes the bases for her entire oeuvre. A territory of solitude and beauty, of hardships and splendor, the still almost uninhabited and windy Patagonia was a land disputed unequally between the native peoples that were decimated, and the outsiders, in what was known in history as the “Conquest of the Desert”. Especially noteworthy are the garments included in Ajuar para un conquistador (1995).

Boundaries and displacements in her series on paper, featuring (almost) concentric circles which are even superimposed on occasions. In Eclipses, the images appear as pertaining to the celestial system as much as to the human eye, with a distinctive pupil surrounded by a white orbit in lieu of the iris. Contrarily, in the series SX the terms are inverted and the pupil is vacant: the circles recur like gravel on lake shores; they stretch out, they multiply, they join one another and end up being many. A couple in love?