Limber Vilorio

Raquel Ponce, Madrid

By Álvaro de Benito Fernández | March 30, 2010

The always interesting proposal of Limber Vilorio (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 1972) is featured for the first time in a solo show in the city where he resides.

Acorazado. 210,000 bullet shells, car body, 47.2 x 72.8 x 141.7 in. 210.000 casquillos de bala, carrocería de vehículo, 120 x 185 x 360 cm.

This Caribbean artist has accustomed us to view his creative processes in relation to the urban context let us bear in mind his facet as an architect and to Marc Augé’s “non-place”. In “Cartografías del poder”, he has focused on composing a dialectic system integrating different proposals, which include three-dimensional pieces and objects, and diverse mixed media. Thus, in his series entitled Poder (Power), he shows the body of a car covered by more than 200,000 bullet shells, or two-dimensional works in which the methacrylate that constitutes an essential part acquires a third dimension as a result of the influence of light. Partticularly note- worthy in the series Ahogados (Drowned) are the drawings shown on glass, which have previously been pierced by the bullets later used in the rest of the works. All this leads the viewer to a care- ful examination of the relationship between men and machines that Limber Velorio tries to demonstrate in his works, and that is presented as the materialization of his research on power in the streets and in large cities.