| June 21, 2018

At Loyola 32, in Villa Crespo (Argentina), over the ground of Hache graphite in powder, resin, papers and objects of coal universe. Upon entering the gallery a series of absorbent black panels make a wall. However, the wall is false, by means of a curve, the "gray mole" structure, as described by Max Gómez Canle, curator of the exhibition, deposited in the adjoining room where Horizonte (Horizon), the second work of Elena Loson, is presented as a Constellation of objects in a monochrome palette. Un muro más allá (A wall beyond) inaugurated on Tuesday 19th at Hache Gallery in Buenos Aires.

Ph: Ignacio Iasparra

On the one hand, the two works that make up the exhibition –Muro (Wall) and Horizonte - act as a whole that cohabitates within the gallery and in function of it and its space. Elena Loson, Argentine artist, lives in Chile more than ten years ago. From there, the subject of how we inhabit the spaces and the references that we use to guide us within them have become an essential theme of their work. Loson explains that: "In Chile people are oriented from the mountains. For me that's a broken compass. The work, then, has to do with how one runs the horizon depending not necessarily on the special physical place, but how one is planted inside it".

On the other hand, the materials are the other key piece of the exhibition. Born of the drawing, Elena Loson has left aside the figurative to explore the articulation of materials outside the traditional format. A wall beyond breaks the frame that usually frames the drawings and expands throughout the gallery with blurred boundaries, like a large abstract mass. From the production process that Loson explains, and even the interaction with the spectators, it is the materials themselves that inhabit and express themselves. The work of the Argentine artist is reproduced organically reusing all the materials. "My works are like a spiral, they are tautological, and there was something in this relationship that when framing a picture and hanging it on the wall was lost", Elena tells us.

Some of these sensations are those that are experienced when one comes across the work exhibited in Hache. The materials interpellate the viewer almost bodily through the textures and voluminosity of the objects, and above all by the predominance of powdered graphite, a material that dirties and mutates with light and time. In short, a voluptuous sample, exquisite for all the senses.

This exhibition is, in part, the result of the residence that Loson won in the URRA center, in tiger. According to the artist, the experience there allowed her to find a more adequate way of expressing this project that she had been thinking about for some years. In addition, contact with other artists working there was a great stimulation. In any case, it was the link that generated -at the beginning of a virtual and then face-to-face with Max Gómez Canle, a painter who served as curator of the exhibition, which ended up shaping Un muro más allá.

As for his residency in Chile, Loson works at Fundación Nube: a contemporary art center that began as an extracurricular activity for a series of public schools in the Las Condes region, in Santiago de Chile. Currently, Nube has established itself as a curricular activity for children. There the children are taught to "use contemporary art as a tool to approach the world". For the artist, the best thing about the foundation is the way in which all the artists involved (more than twenty) have developed a pedagogical capacity without formal training and how, in small steps, they have constituted a local educational model with overwhelming results.

Un muro más allá, inaugurated in Hache last Tuesday, may be visited until July 28. A key work to understand contemporary art and be stimulated by it.