In the center of the Refinery District, in the city of Rosario (Santa Fe, Argentina), Sector 04 house opens its call for residences for artists and professionals from around the world. Founded by Gabriela Gabelich and Laura Bonifasi, the space provided by Sector 04 is dedicated to the production of projects related to sustainability, urbanism and art in a space of reflection and intervention of the urban ecosystem.


The choice of the Refinery District is not casual. Characterized by a high level of real estate development, the area where Sector 04 is located aims to introduce residents in the Rosario citizen context from a polyhedron with diverse edges, allowing the inhabitants of the house to bond with local, national and international visual artists. Thus, develop collaborative and transdisciplinary work processes aimed at creatives, artists, scientists, architects, urban planners, journalists and sociologists.

Although the space is not exclusively dedicated to the Residency program -seminar, research and study groups, work clinics and open studios are also offered- this is their main proposal. The objective of the Sector 04 project, in this sense, revolves around the axes of sustainability, urbanism and art through the accommodation of the selected applicants.   



Call: Waiting for the future

The program lasts thirty days and will have two editions. The first during the month of September and the second throughout October. The application, in both cases, closes on June 30th.

Waiting for the Future is conceived as a network that links cultural projects with cooperatives, municipal entities and non-governmental organizations that can collaborate in the planning, design and execution of urban interventions conceived within the space of Sector 04. On this occasion, the proposal of the Residence is to make interventions on three bus stops located in the "Barrios Verdes" (Green Districts) of Rosario.

The call for this project is aimed at two residents who will be in charge of the design of the hydraulic mosaics and the necessary furniture for the intervention of the first stop, on the one hand; and project the design of the remaining two for its future materialization, on the other.

From the address of the residence communicated the importance that this project has on the city and the agents involved, "by placing the focus on design and innovation as added value, highlighting the infrastructure of Urban Passenger Transport".

The Residence is aimed at visual artists, designers, architects, urban planners, industrial designers and activists - change makers. Those that are selected will inhabit the 1st floor of Sector04 located in an apartment complex in the Refinery District of Rosario City [see details]. The apartment has a room in which there is a double bed and a living room where, in addition to the work space and kitchen, there is a single sofa bed. The residence is apt to be inhabited up to two participants per edition.


Those interested in participating should send an email to with the following information:


- Brief curriculum vitae

- Personal motivation letter.

- Acceptance form of signed terms and conditions (HERE LINK).