Centro Cultural Corp Group, Caracas, Venezuela

By Benko, Susana
"Trans-cursos" is the name of Pancho Quilici´s ongoing exhibition, recently inaugurated at the Corp Group Cultural Center, in Caracas. The show, in which the artist further explores certain aspects he has addressed in the past, was conceived specifically for this exhibition space.
Actually, the symbolic integration of landscape and architecture continues to be the focal theme in his work. However, there is a will to transcend the formal virtuosity that has distinguished him by means of the considerations of a philosophical nature that conceptually support his work. There is a longing for totality in his hyperbolic and infinite images. As Marí­a Elena Ramos points out, his is an art in which existence is granted to that which has not yet existed. This precept, which would require further attention, offers us the possibility to appreciate two admirable aspects in the works exhibited: the artist's capacity to integrate his formal rhetoric, the handling of the mediums -characteristic of painting-, the representative, and that which is elusive, transparent, suggested, un-veiled. In sum, to integrate the painting of the landscape and the almost de-materialized vision of the landscape. He provides material form to this de-materialization via the virtual resources offered by digital means (prints on nylon), and even more so via his transparent sculptures executed with nylon threads and Plexiglass.