RAPACES, Residency For Central American Emergin Artists

RAPACES, the Academic Residency for Emerging Central American Artists program , of EspIRA/La ESPORA, aims to build links between plastic artists in the region to develop critical thinking and formal strategies of Central American artistic production. This program is inviting emerging artist of the Central American isthmus, to submit their applications for admission for the 2010 edition of the residency program, entitled INDICATORS AND ICONS.

 RAPACES, Residencia Para Artistas Emergentes Centroamericanos

The cycle will last four weeks, beginning on December 15, 2010 and ending on January 14, 2011.

The theme of this residency is the use of signs in art. The production from its development will be investigated, delving into the mechanisms that each participant uses to construct its own language.

EspIRA / La ESPORA will ensure the space and will offer the adequate teaching resources during the workshops, conferences, and talks. For the development of proposals work space will be provided. Materials, tools or equipment needed for the development of projects will not be provided. Each participant is responsible to use these products and services.

Modest living conditions will be provided like dorms and shared bathrooms.

The residency is capable of accepting eighteen participants this year. Seven spaces will be reserved for all Central American applicants, except those from Nicaragua, as five spaces will be reserved for Nicaragua, in its capacity as host country. The remaining six will be distributed at the discretion of the organization. Half of the spaces will be reserved for women and 15 for 30-year-old artist or younger.

An art work of each artist will become part of the collection of EspIRA / La ESPORA. This work may be used for purposes that the organization deems convenient: curatorial, promotions, advertisements. This or another art work may be selected to participate in Ex - It, la Exposición Itinerante that EspIRA/La ESPORA organizes annually in Central America.

For the first time in RAPACES and as a result of the transformation of the traveling exhibition Ex – It towards an entirely didactic format, it will be requested during the residency, the effective use of a notebook or log to document the personal investigation of each participant. The log will show in detail the result of exercises, and ideas and sketches for future trials.

The tuition for the INDICATORS AND ICONS academic residency is one thousand two hundred dollars ($1,200.00) per each participant. This amount includes academic benefits such as logistics and coordination of costs. However, EspIRA/La ESPORA is offering scholarships, covering either a percentage or the full tuition of the residency, financed by various donors, ranging from international cooperation to private donors. Scholarships will be granted based on the quality of the material received and will take consideration of the economic conditions of each participant. Full, or A scholarships are reserved for cases in which artistic excellence and difficult economic conditions coincide. These scholarships will cover the costs of courses, food and housing.


Being a visual artist.
Live and produce in any of the Hispanic-speaking Central American countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama).
Submit a complete application. The application for admission consists of the following documents:
The form, one page CV, artistic testimony in half a page.
Justification on how the residence will be beneficial to your artistic process, five to 10 imagines in high resolution of your works during the past three years and accompanied by a fact sheet.
Applications for admission should be sent to espira.espora@gmail.com. The deadline for the submission is Saturday July 31, 2010 at 6:00 pm. In case the application is sent by email, the subject of the email shall be RAPTOR 2010 and all documents shall be attached to a single message.