Ciutat de Palma Comic Award 2010

1- Any author of any nationality or origin who wishes to do so may enter the competition, provided the works submitted are consistent with commonly accepted concept of comics and comply with the following requirements:

• The works must be original and unpublished in any form.

• They must not have won awards in any other competition or be awaiting a verdict in any other competition on the date of the deadline for submission.

• They cannot correspond to authors who have died before the announcement of this competition.

2- They may be submitted in any language, but a summary in Catalan/Spanish must be attached.

3- Projects may be submitted by a single author or several co-authors whose work is divided among writers, illustrators, inkers and colourists.

4- The author or co-authors participating in the competition agree not to submit their project to other competitions before the verdict hereof is announced.

5- Work. The form for submitting work to the competition is a comic. The style, treatment and genre of the story presented are entirely free. Each author must submit a book proposal with a minimum of sixteen finished pages. The final extension, for whomever is the winner, will be a minimum of forty-four pages without a predetermined maximum. It may be submitted in black and white or in colour, and a dossier containing the sixteen completed pages, with the corresponding title, printed copies in DIN-4 format and a detailed overview of at least two pages of the full story must be attached. Those copies - original works shall not be accepted, only copies - must be accompanied by:

• Details of the author or authors: full name, address, telephone, e-mail address and photocopy of a national identity card, passport or any other legally accepted identity document.

• Copy of the work on a computer support in JPG or TIFF format images in 300 dpi resolution.

6- Submission period. The period for submit- ting proposals is from September 1 to October 15, 2010, Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.. The work, which must be printed, is to be sent or delivered in an envelope marked "PREMI CIUTAT DE PALMA DE CÒMIC" to the headquarters of Fundació Palma Espai d'Art. Casal Solleric, Paseo del Borne, 27 - 07012. Palma. Tel: 971722092, e-mail address:

Appropriate measures shall be taken regarding the custody and conservation of the works, al- though the Palma City Council is not responsible for any damages or accidents that may occur.

7- Verdict announcement.The jury's verdict shall be announced on January 20, 2011, the date on which the jury shall meet. The winning author shall undertake to deliver the finished project la- belled in Catalan before September 30, 2011.

8- Prize. One sole indivisible prize of 12,000 Euros shall be awarded in the form of copy- rights and royalties to the comic's first edition in Catalan, which shall be paid in two instal- ments: 50% of the amount after the verdict is announced and the remaining 50% when the comic is published. The prize, which may be declared vacant, is subject to the laws in force regarding the deductions indicated by tax law. The winning entry shall be published by the Palma Municipal Council, which may reach the publishing agreements it deems appropriate to carry out production and editing. The Palma City Council reserves the right to mount an ex- hibition with the originals of the winning work and short-listed works.

9- Jury. The jury shall be made up by profession- als in the comics sector and appointed by the Mayor of Palma; it shall be made public before the deadline for submitting dossiers. Its verdict is final and the prize may be declared vacant.

10- Participation in the "Premi Ciutat de Palma de Còmic" implies acceptance of these rules. The prize jury has the power to interpret them and fill any gaps or voids in accordance with its intended purpose.