A jury will select seven proposals to intervene in a common space: The Melbourne Clark Historic Dock in Antofagasta.


The Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo SACO invites artists to participate in the call for its main exhibition called Aluvión.
The curatorial concept that the participants should go by is related to the 1991 Antofagasta Alluvium, which six floods caused an unusual torrential rain that resulted in a large number of deaths, disappearances and injuries. It is worth remembering that Antofagasta is located in the center of the Atacama desert, in the north of Chile, the driest area on the planet. In June of this year, it will be 30 years since this catastrophe. (the curatorial text can be read HERE)
The selected creators will have approximately 10 days of residence at ISLA, Latin American Higher Institute of Art, for the materialization and assembly of their works. After the inauguration, they will participate in a trip to contextualize the territory, towards the interior of the Atacama Desert. The ISLA Artistic Residences center is a place designed for curators, artists, teachers, researchers and directors who would like to develop their work in connection with the north of Chile.
SACO Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo is an independent initiative of the SACO Cultural Corporation, created in the Antofagasta Region. After nine previous editions in festival format, the biennial aims to establish in the Atacama Desert a nucleus of reflection, criticism and dialogue through meetings with artists, scientists, curators, work and the public.
The call is open to visual artists from all over the world, professionals, self-taught, of any age and profession.
Learn more about the call on its website: