International contemporary arts prize

at FIENAROLI 28, Rome, Italy, 7-15 December 2013

Organised by Celeste Network

Saturday 7th December 2013

Exhibition opens at 2pm

Awards ceremony at 7.30pm

Party with DJ set at 9pm to late


40 international artists, some of whom have recently exhibited at Documenta, Manifesta and the Venice Biennial, will be exhibiting their work in Italy at Celeste Prize 2013’s final exhibition to be held at FIENAROLI 28, a new exhibition space in Rome’s Trastevere district.

20,000 € prize-money will be awarded according to choices made in a secret vote by the finalist artists themselves and the curator of the prize, Ami Barak. Celeste Prize is an international, contemporary arts prize open to emerging and mid-career artists which has attracted more than a thousand artworks this year. Celeste Prize encourages artists working at all levels to participate, without limits of age, sex or qualification.

There are 6 prize categories: Painting & Graphics; Photography & Digital Graphics; Video & Animation; Installation, Sculpture, Live Media & Performance; Curator 's Prize; Visitors Prize.

Statement by Ami Barak, curator of the Celeste Prize 2013, 5th edition:

"To take part in this type of competition and be responsible for the final selection requires a delicate positioning and represents a path full of potential pitfalls. But I was fortunate to be surrounded and supported by a group of excellent colleagues who were all on the same wavelength. This has pleased me greatly and made ​​me confident in the artistic personalities which have been selected. The shortlist in each category is instructive in at least two points: among the participants I noticed established artists of great talent, but also newcomers, emerging artists which have nothing to envy their elders, and show a gratifying and encouraging aplomb. Now I know that, whoever the winners will be, they deserve it."

The selection of the 40 finalists and the 80 shortlisted works for the prize catalogue were made by the Selection Panel of 11 international curators and art critics and by Ami Barak. Each member of the Selection Panel has published online his or her 5 favorite works in each of the categories of the award. The 10 artists in each category whose works received a majority of votes have been admitted to the final exhibition and prize voting in Rome on 7 December.

During the opening day of the exhibition the finalist artists themselves will onsite choose the prize winners, and announcement of their choices will be made during the awards ceremony at 7.30pm on Saturday 7 December 2013.


View them all : http://www.celesteprize.com/selections/pg:en13/

Painting & Graphics Prize - 4.000 €

Stefano Bullo - ECB

Hriech Chourouk - Sand Process

Candice Smith Corby - Hideaway

Eugenia Cuéllar - Untitled (Congress series)

Cristina Gardumi - adults do not exist

Noa Giniger - The sorrow the joy brings

Catalin Petrisor - One day reality

Tibor Pogonyi - Waiting for the Apocalypse

Johanna Strobel - black painting

Tomas Tichy - The Billboard

Photography & Digital Graphics Prize - 4.000 €

Carmen Dobre - Buddywolf , Rotterdam

Alix Delmas - Lalala

Katharina Kiebacher - Scaffolds and Screens 1

Katharina Kiebacher - Scaffolds and 2 Screens

Dan McCormack - Ruby_S_4 - 12-12 - 06AB

Simon Mulvaney - Age

Josee Pedneault - Chain of Command

May San Alberto - Estudio sobre Minerva ( Study of Minerva )

Alexander Solomon - David and the Climb Up

Nikolas Ventourakis - Leaving Utopia - Billboard 2

Video & Animation Prize - 4.000 €

Jumana Emil Abboud - i feel nothing

Vasco Araújo - Empire

Rimma Arslanov - Gray Noon

Pavel Braila - Ink Ribbon Fingerprints

Alix Delmas - Cloud

Valentina Ferrandes - Berg

Joffre Nathalie - He Told me that his garden ...

Shahar Marcus - Seeds

During Sébastien - Rendre à César

Kenichi Sawazaki - Yoshiko , is I Xianglan

Installation , Sculpture , Live Media & Performance Prize - 4.000 €

Maja Bajevic - Steam Machine

Alona Rodeh - Above and Beyond

Dominique Blais - Ring

Basurama - Bicinecleta (Bicinema)

Elizabeth Falanga - Buried at home


Boohri Park - Gestern hat es viel geregnet (Yesterday it rained a lot)

Ana Prvacki - DIY Chivalry

Evangelia Spiliopoulou - Thermohygrograph2

Pavol trüben - Guarding the boarder

Curator's Prize - 3.500 €

Visitors Prize - € 500

CURATOR of the 5th Edition Celeste Prize 2013:

Ami Barak , Independent curator , Paris, France

SELECTION PANEL: http://www.celesteprize.com/selectionpanelcelesteprize2013/

Barenblit Ferran , Director Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo , Madrid, Spain

Iara Boubnova , Curator at ICA Sofia Bulgaria, Russia &

Katrina Brown , Director of The Common Guild , Glasgow, UK

Florence Derieux , Director of Frac Champagne-Ardenne , France

Dominique Fontaine , Independent curator , Montreal, Canada

Christian Fuller, Recession Art Curator at Brooklyn , USA

Mihnea Mircan , Artistic Director of Extra City Kunsthal Antwerp , Belgium

Gean Moreno , Independent curator , Miami , USA

Ian Alden Russell, Curator , David Winton Bell Gallery, Brown Univy , USA

Alia Swastika , Independent curator , Jakarta, Indonesia

Gaëtane Verna , Director of The Power Plant , Toronto, Canada

Ever since its first edition in 2009, Celeste Prize has given voice to creatives and emerging artists around the world. Artists have also benefited from an active, online community for contemporary arts called ‘Celeste Network’ which has hosted Celeste Prize in its webpages. Celeste Network has more than 55,000 signed-up members, each with personal pages which show artwork, events and projects, and 9,000 visitors every day to its pages. The network is a powerful platform for contact, exchange, innovation, and promotion for arts professionals and artists the world over.

Visit Celeste Network: www.celesteprize.com

EXHIBITION: Celeste Prize 2013, 5th edition

LOCATION: Fienaroli 28 exhibition space (ex-Biblis), Via dei Fienaroli 28 , Trastevere, Rome, Italy

OPENING OF THE SHOW : Saturday 7 December, 2pm

AWARDS : Saturday 7 December, 7.30pm

END SHOW : Sunday 15 December, 7pm

HOURS : Daily: 3pm > 7.30pm

INFO: www.celesteprize.com/celesteprize2013/

ORGANISATION : Celeste Network www.celesteprize.com , tel: +39 0577 1521988

PRESS OFFICE: For more detailed information about the exhibition, artists and the prize catalogue, please contact: Glocal Project , Rome, info@glocalproject.com www.glocalproject.com