May is always an important month in the art market in Buenos Aires, even in these special times. As part of the opening of exhibitions in art galleries and special appointments in the auction rooms, Hilario has organized an auction reaffirming its style: a diverse set, highly selected and meticulously studied, with each work accompanied by its corresponding analysis. Bid closing: Wednesday, May 12, from 6.30 p.m. (Argentina)


Among the treasures, an oil painting by Fernando Fader (1882 - 1935) signed and dated in 1906, indicating its execution in Mendoza. The work remained in the family of its original owner, a great Argentine collector, Oscar Carbone, and it seeks a new direction for the first time. The theme captivated Fader in those years, horses, a central motif in his artistic production between 1905 and 1907. With very attractive dimensions -70 x 100 cm-, it comes out with a more than tempting base: $44,000.


From the exceptional Argentine sculptor, Lola Mora (1867 - 1936), another find: an oil portrait from an early period, dated around 1894. She painted it in Tucumán, it bears the signature of those years: Lola C. Mora. Perhaps it was part of the first exhibition where this great artist, initiated in painting and consecrated in sculpture, participated. It comes from the family of the portrayed and is a treasure in a small format: 23 x 17 cm.


Among the paintings, the catalog tempts with a pastel by Antonio Berni (1905 - 1981), a portrait of a young woman, and a small oil painting by an Italian master who attended school in the provinces of Córdoba and Tucumán, Honorio Mossi (1861 - 1943).

But Hilario stands out for the breadth of his selections: graphic work, silverware, furniture, books, photographs ...


Of the consecrated Liliana Porter, an etching dated in 1962 shows us her early production with a "Carlos IV", a signed and numbered 2/10 copy. In those years she won the most important awards in the country in the great salons, especially in this discipline.


Regarding furniture, a 16th century Spanish cabinet catches the eye; It comes from the Victoria Aguirre collection and was cataloged in the book that analyzed her belongings, published in 1927; "Owner of an immense fortune as a landowner and partner of investment companies, she dedicated herself to collecting in most of the available segments." She donated important works to various museums and the rest of her collection was dispersed at a large auction.


In photography, an elusive image of Rodolfo H. Ostermann - a member of the Forum Group, active between 1956 and 1960 in Buenos Aires - shows us a rare image, a beautiful expression of Subjective Photography. The Forum Group was made up of, among other photographers, Sameer Makarius, Max Jacoby, Humberto Rivas and Ostermann.


In such special times, a lot bears a special token: a rose carved by the master goldsmith Juan Carlos Pallarols in bronze, a copy of his "Rose for Peace" series. The starting price is 1000 dollars and the value obtained is destined for the Municipal Hospital of the seaside resort of Villa Gesell. A great gesture with a great destiny.


Access to the catalogue and participation in the auction are held at Hilario’s site