The group exhibition Los gestos del trabajo (The Gestures of Work), curated by Clarisa Appendino and Benedetta Casini, at MUNTREF Centro de Arte Contemporáneo presents works that explore the relationship between bodies, technology and work.


The stories we know about societies' ways of life have been built, mainly, on the observation of objects, whether cultural, useful or tools. From a knife or a shovel to industrial techniques and automated machines, the observation of movements, postures and actions performed on things has been overlooked. In a turn towards gestures, this exhibition circumscribes the attention to the movements of labor and observes the bodies through the strength of the arms, the posture of the back and the bending of the legs.


The collected works critically observe the relationship that bodies establish with work and technologies in contemporary societies. They point out the labor links that extend from the neoliberal bureaucratic overproduction of the financial world to the precarious labor in the rural and industrial spheres. In this sense, the exhibition shows the corporealities in the contemporary labor scheme of home office and entrepreneurship; euphemisms that exhibit new links and gestures in a context of deregulation of the working day, characteristic of post-industrial capitalism. From a historical and political review, they also present gestures without objects. Tools disappear to concentrate on bodily movements that, due to industrial and agricultural technification, have become obsolete or have been radically transformed into other forms of work.


–Clarisa Appendino and Benedetta Casini.


Participating artists: José Arato, Sofía Caesar, Antonio Della Guardia, Cristina Galán, Ana Gallardo, Gabriela Golder, Víctor Rebuffo, Neli Ružić, Érica Storer, Abraham Vigo.

Until August 4, 2024.

MUNTREF Contemporary Art Center. Hotel de Inmigrantes. Av. Antártida Argentina (between Dirección Nacional de Migraciones and Buquebus), Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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