Signo 36 is presented at the Biennial of Havana with his Volume #00

Signo 36 is a concept of publication that germinates in the dark caused by that lost number of the magazine Signs that edited and directed, between 1969 and 1985, the Cuban poet, artist, publisher and folklorist Samuel Feijóo. Signs 36 is a project by Ernesto Oroza. Volume # 00 was edited by Ernesto Oroza and Clara Astiasarán.

Signo 36 is presented at the Biennial of Havana with his Volume #00

The number 36 was the last issue of the magazine that Feijóo prepared, but it was never printed and its content matrix has not appeared to date. René Batista Moreno, a close collaborator and friend of the poet-who seems to have been the only person who saw the contents of this publication-said that he saw him carry, for some time, the model of that number as loose leaves in a bag . According to Batista Moreno, that edition was censored by the culture official who had to approve it for the printing press *. The mental decline of Feijóo accelerated as a result of that event, which makes possible the thesis that the content of that Signs was impacted by the incipient deterioration of the poet and, consequently, the cause of his rejection.


This edition of Signs 36 emulates, as a mnemonic structure, the last state of the unpublished publication, that is: a bag full of loose sheets and other elements that, perhaps, shared space inside.

They collaborate in Signo 36 - Volume 00: Carlos Manuel Álvarez, Alexandre Arrechea, Kevin Arrow, Magdiel Aspillaga, Clara Astiasarán, José Bedia, Ernesto Hernandez Busto, Iván de la Nuez, Rafael Domenech, Liliam Dooley, Leandro Feal, Filio Gálvez, Enfori García , Mysora Garcia, Orlando Hernandez, Hamlet Lavastida, Julio César Llopiz, Javier Marimón, Fabian Martínez, Yornel Martínez, Peter Menéndez, José Manuel Mesías, Gean Moreno, Antoni Muntadas, Ernesto Oroza, Amaury Pacheco, Hugo Patao, Lourdes Porrata, Yali Romagoza , Tomás Sánchez, Fredric Snitzer, Alejandro Taquechel, Tomas Vu & Rirkrit Tiravanija, Tonel.

Following the editorial protocol that outlined the publication since Feijóo conceived it, this edition of Signs 36 has a theme that runs through it and is the poet's next thought: "work the root for a fruit that does not see."

Signo 36 is inaugurated then with his Volume # 00 in frank, optimistic and disinterested support to # 00Bienal organized for the month of May 2018 in Havana. Each bag -will be 36- compiles the same serialized works in equal number. Participate poets, visual artists, architects, filmmakers and writers based on the island and abroad, ie people from the center of the world and other galaxies that decided to be in solidarity with # 00Bienal. The distribution of Signo 36, and the integral economic benefits derived from it, correspond to # 00Bienal de la Habana.