Oscar Muñoz at Fundació Sorigué

Una selección personal de las obras más representativas del creador colombiano Oscar Muñoz llega al museo de la Fundació Sorigué con la exposición “Oscar Muñoz: des/materializaciones”, comisariada por el propio artista junto a Ana Vallés, directora de la Fundación. El artista recoge en esta exposición piezas clave en su trayectoria artística así como una visión muy particular de su amplia propuesta artística.

Oscar Muñoz at Fundació Sorigué

The exhibition recovers a total of fourteen works from different eras created from techniques ranging from video, photography and drawing to unconventional resources such as burned paper, coffee dye, fog and light, among others. The exhibition, open from December 14, 2017 to June 17, 2018, reflects on the image, insistently exploring the moments before and after its fixation on a support, thus demonstrating its ephemeral nature over time and in memory of.

"Oscar Muñoz: des / materializaciones" presents fourteen works created in the most diverse and innovative techniques and media, from video and photography to light and fog. The use of such disparate elements in his work makes Oscar Muñoz one of the most evocative creators of the current artistic scene.

For Muñoz, the vital elements such as light, water and fire function in turn as a metaphor, medium and support for the image. The artist goes from drawing, precision in stroke and two-dimensional formats, to a very dynamic experimentation with different resources, in a dematerialization process. In the words of the artist himself: "I have tried with my work to approach that critical and decisive moment of salvation or destruction of the image; where it is fixed, or not, to be part of the past. "

On the ground floor of the museum, seven representative works from different periods of Muñoz's career are exhibited. The oldest of these, "Cortinas de Baño" (1985-1986), is the artist's first experimentation on an unconventional medium, in this case a plastic curtain. In this same space, in addition, is perhaps one of his most recognized works, "Narcissus" (1995-2009), where they combine carbon dust and paper on water. In this peculiar piece the image is fixed only when the water evaporates definitively. Together with these two pieces, they also discuss more recent creations, such as "Intervalos (while I breathe)" (2004), a series of self-portraits on burnt paper and "Re / trata" (2004), a video projection where the artist repeatedly paints himself an ephemeral self-portrait with water on a slab in the sun, both works have strong autobiographical references, a feature that characterizes the work of the author.

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On the -1 floor of the museum, six video installations were installed, where "El Coleccionista" (2014-2016) stands out with force, an audiovisual piece composed of 5 projections defined by the artist himself as a self-portrait in construction, "which is being created thanks to the presence, also ungraspable, of a succession of images of historical figures and people from their immediate surroundings, which is barely sustained by light. " This piece has been acquired by the Sorigué Foundation and is the first work of Oscar Muñoz that becomes part of the collection of the foundation. On this floor are also works from different periods of the artist such as "Biographies" (2002), five video projections where Muñoz uses portraits of anonymous people taken from the obituaries, individuals that are no longer there; "Line of destiny" (2006), where the video is used to place the photographic image in an immaterial support; and "Sedimentaciones" (2011), video projection that recreates a development table where sets of photographs are organized, through which the spectator attends to an incessant life and death of the image.