Magdalena Fernández presenta la instalación corporal "Mares"

The artist Magdalena Fernández released "Mares", her most recent project, the next March 4th in the Cultural Center of Chacao. This is her first installation, an experimental work with the participation of 40 dancers on stage and the special intervention of the songwriter Josefina Benedetti with the vocal group Fundación Aequalis, under the musical direction of Ana Maria Raga.

Magdalena Fernández presenta la instalación corporal "Mares"

Magdalena Fernández has been highlighted as one of the most innovative exponents of contemporary geometric abstraction. In her multidisciplinary work she combines light, movement, sound and contemporary criteria of space and use of materials, with formal concepts of traditional legacy of the optical and geometric abstraction.

Within that search for address the nature from abstraction, the artist in this opportunity will make use of the human body and all its expressive capacity to speak of the sea, its surface and its sound. Draw with the human figure in space and show us different approaches to that sea, present in much of his work. The production has been in charge of Tetelo Fernández and Ingrid Serrano and the body work has benefited from the advice and assistance of artistic direction of the Dancers Glass Bathrobe and Marlon Alvarado. He departed from the proposal of Tetelo Fernández, Betty Flores, Alexander Medina and Carlos Rivero. The production has been in charge of Tetelo Fernández and Ingrid Serrano.

For Magdalena Fernández, one of the most valuable things in this new challenge is to put in evidence the creative force and this transformation in the sum of individualities.

The event will take place on Sunday, March 4th, at the Centro Cultural Chacao, in a dual role, at 11 am and at 3 pm.