Lo que sucede aquí, no se queda aquí, the new installation of José Carlos Martinat,

Lo que sucede aquí, no se queda aquí, is an installation of the Peruvian artist José Carlos Martinat that occupies the room of Carmen Araujo Art, made in alliance with the Revolver Gallery, Lima, Peru. The installation is thematically linked to the collective exhibition "Visual Onomatopoeias of Hard Times" currently exhibited in the house of Hacienda La Trinidad Cultural Park.

 Lo que sucede aquí, no se queda aquí, the new installation of José Carlos Martinat,

Immersed in the environments of the networks and the immediate communications, in the interface between the virtual and the physical, José Carlos Martinat proposes an installation in which it transforms the real space into a sort of "mechanism" or "machinery" of production of Content, based on the casual connection of outstanding information appeared in different local media. This is a complex "mechanism" that, based on a set of questions that attend to the Venezuelan political crisis and thanks to an algorithm that searches and processes information, the space is filled with possible answers that fall randomly to the floor, which They begin to construct an information ground, a communication base, in which ideas and opinions, news and events, overlap, are added uncountable to each other.

In the installation these stacks of papers that are in permanent growth give account of that discursive space illegible that conforms the atmosphere of the contemporary communication. The incessant production of printed information makes evident that the discursive space imposes itself, in the contemporary world, as the foundation of a reality in which the production of content always far exceeds the capacity appropriation and understanding, the permanence of the senses and meanings , Then, just as it is impossible to "read" all that accumulates in those printed piles, it is also unthinkable to delimit them as belonging to a subject, to a reality, to a situation.

Visual onomatopoeias of difficult times is an exhibition by Carmen Araujo Arte in alliance with Hacienda La Trinidad Cultural Park, in which 21 Venezuelan artists donate different spaces from which to do the exercise of looking again, to think again, to return To discern those events that flood and overwhelm us. The artists who share this exhibition, who donate their looks and ways of understanding, are: Luis Arroyo, Emilia Azcárate, Alessandro Balteo-Yazbeck, Muu Blanco, Mariana Bunimov, Ivan Candeo, Carlos Castillo, Deborah Castillo, Paolo Gasparini, Pepe López, Marco Montiel-Soto, Juan Jose Olavarría, Erika Ordosgoitti, José Perozo, Armando Ruiz, Luis Salazar, Juan Toro, José Vívenes, Christian Vinck and Carolina Vollmer.

José Carlos Martinat (Lima, 1974), lives and works in Lima, Peru. His work has taken part in several exhibitions in Latin America, Europe and the USA such as: Eva + A Nord Ireland Biennial, Mercosur Biennial, Puerto Rico Polygraphic Triennial, Biennial Nord Holland with Marljolijn Dijkman, Shanghai Biennial (China), Biennial of the Havana, Saatchi Gallery (London) Carrillo Gil of Mexico, Tate Modern (London) Marco Museum Vigo (Spain), IFA (Germany), La Laboral (Spain), Mali (Lima), Pinacoteca (Sao Paulo) , WWVF (Holland) among others. He is represented by Revolver Lima Gallery and Leme Gallery of Sao Paulo.
His work is part of collections such as: Museum of Modern Art, NY; TATE Modern, London; Saatchi Gallery, London; Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, Museum of Art of Lima (MALI) and Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA).
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