La semejanza y la pausa: Medail & Pedroni

Alimentación General presents The similarity and the pause, a project between the artist Francisco Medail and the art historian Juan Cruz Pedroni, which explores the relationship between publishing practice, the time of a collection and the modes of photography as reproduction.

La semejanza y la pausa: Medail & Pedroni

In 1967 an Argentine stamp publishes three paperback books with photographic images. The project involves, among other figures, the photographers Grete Stern and Humberto Rivas, the artist Rogelio Polesello and the critic Jorge Romero Brest. The three publications form the succinct catalog of the publishing house: an incomplete program that multiplies its limitations by the wide gesture of a collection. If every collection tries to replace a whole, the three titles of the "Buenos Aires" publishing house try to collect, in different directions, the similarity of things, complete their presence with the gesture of a registration that is transparent. What does it mean to reproduce an object? What are the inflections of this attempt to capture being in its fullness? Like the collection, each image fails in that attempt to cover a totality that is always assumed to be exterior to it. With the resemblance as a territory, the exhibition invites us to go through the different inflections of that fall, measuring the interval that opens each time between the photograph and the thing.

Francisco Medail (Between Rivers, 1991). He is a visual artist and cultural manager. In 2014 he was selected to participate in Proyecto PAC, an educational program promoted by the Gachi Prieto gallery; in 2016 he was awarded the Grant to the Creation of the National Fund for the Arts. His work has been selected in numerous awards, among them the Paul Huf Award (Selection, 2016), PHmuseum New Generation Prize (Honorable Mention, 2016), AMMEC Contemporary Photography Award (Selection, 2014 and 2016), Curriculum Zero (Ruth Benzacar, 2011). It is part of public and private collections and has participated in different international fairs, including arteBA (2014, 2016), artBO (2015, 2016), Paris Photo (2015) and ArcoMADRID (2015, 2016). Since 2015, he has been the artistic director of Buenos Aires Photo, an art fair specializing in photography. His work is represented by the Rolf Art gallery. He lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Juan Cruz Pedroni (Between Rivers, 1992). He is a graduate and professor in the History of the Arts with honors, a Masters in Aesthetics and Theory of Arts and a doctorate in Arts. He works as a research fellow with a UNLP scholarship type "A" based at the Institute of Argentine and American Art History (National University of La Plata, Faculty of Fine Arts) where he also participates in documentation projects and in the formation of archives about art. He is currently a professor in the Historiography of Art Chair in the same academic unit and coordinates a university extension project on art and confinement. He presented his advances as a researcher in numerous congresses and in national and international academic journals. In 2016 he was the academic coordinator of the III Contemporary Art Conference of the La Ene Museum. He is co-author of the following books and catalogs: Zech. Works 2007/2017, Investigations conversed, Mobile object recommended to families, Juan Batlle Planas Collection. National University of La Plata and historiographies of art. Debates and theoretical perspectives (in press). He works as a critic in Wide and Art journals daily and as a curator independently. Live and work in La Plata.

The similarity and the pause

General Food

Anchorena 632, Abasto, CABA

from March 17 to April 14, 2018.