Impulsarte: La Rural was present at arteBA 2017 for the ninth year

As every year, the company renewed its commitment to the local artistic scene acquiring works of Rondolini, Pierpaoli, Guerrieri, Soriano, Demestre and Gruppalli that join the collection of La Rural.

Impulsarte: La Rural was present at arteBA 2017 for the ninth year

In the ninth year of Impulsarte, an incentive program for Argentine art, La Rural, which already has 40 works by 36 young Argentinian artists, acquires 6 new pieces for its collection. From the Ruby gallery in Buenos Aires, they chose a polyptych of ink on paper Untitled (2017) by María Guerrieri; A ceramic piece from 2017 by the artist Débora Pierpaoli from the Miranda Bosch gallery; The work Untitled by Luciana Rondolini made with paper and pencil on paper from the gallery Del Infinito; A watercolor painting and ink by Alfio Demestre, 2014 gallery Pasto, the engraved intervention of San Bartolomé (2017) by Hernán Soriano of the gallery Art Gallery and the series of photography Ghost (2014) by Bruno Gruppalli of the gallery MCHG - María Married. This program has a Procurement Committee composed of Victoria Verlichak, Eva Grinstein and Juan Pablo Maglier, Director of Institutional Relations of La Rural.

In addition, through the alliance with DarA and UADE for the design of its stand, the company continued with the objective of promoting and encouraging the development of young talents.



Impulsarte is the program of acquisitions and incentive to the Argentine art of the Rural. With nine editions, it encourages the production of emerging artists and collaborates with the consolidation of the local scene.

Every year, prior to the opening of arteBA, the Acquisition Committee composed of Victoria Verlichak, Eva Grinstein and Juan Pablo Maglier (Director of Institutional Relations of La Rural) selects the works that will become part of the collection. At the time of the election, it is considered that they are young artists of the local scope; But also pieces of artists with a little more trajectory are acquired, which adds value to the collection. The acquisitions are exclusively in the Argentine galleries of the main sector, which is also a way of supporting them.

Regarding the importance of the program Juan Pablo Maglier, director of Institutional Relations of Rural said: "The interesting thing about Impulsarte is its persistence in time: it is continuous, sustained and maintains a style. For our company means a contribution to the new generations and support for art and above all, contemporary artists.


Space Impulsarte 2017

Since 2014, La Rural established a strategic alliance with Interior Designers Argentinos Asociados (DArA) to design the space where it exhibits the acquired works. Last year, the agreement was extended to the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE), with the purpose of providing students with a real work experience that enriches their learning process through articulation with the business environment. 

This year, a competition was held in which students from the last year of the Bachelor of Architecture and Interior Design participated. The jury, composed of Laura Ocampo and Juan Cavalleri (DArA), authorities of La Rural and the architects Federico Ambrosio and Francisco Sambrizzi (UADE teachers), were in charge of selecting the winning project. In the space Impulsarte 2017 could see the works acquired in the last edition of arteBA.

La Rural, Fairground of Buenos Aires

With more than 135 years of history, La Rural, Fairground of Buenos Aires is one of the great emblems of Argentina, symbol of its identity and its traditions. Its privileged location in the center of Buenos Aires and an area of ​​more than 12 hectares make La Rural the main fairground of Latin America, a unique space of its kind. With a technological infrastructure and state-of-the-art building, it has 45,000 m2 covered and more than 10,000 m2 discovered, in addition to an underground parking for 1,000 cars. La Rural combines respect for history with a strong commitment to the modern world. For more information, visit