Figari Museum presents Jesualdo: The word Magic

Figari Museum in Montevideo presents Jesualdo: The word Mágica, a collective exhibition of eleven contemporary artist’s reflection on education based on the pedagogical work of Jesualdo.

Figari Museum presents Jesualdo: The word Magic

This exhibition focuses on the experience that Jesualdo (1905-1982), together with his wife Maria Cristina Zerpa (1898-1971), made in the school of Canteras del Riachuelo, Department of Colonia, between 1928 and 1935, when he was dismissed Of his teaching. The experiences he collected in his book Vida de un Maestro were the cornerstone of his later pedagogical work, from which Jesualdo elaborated his theory of education through expression, creativity and research.

These same concepts with which artists work, led us to invite for this exhibition eleven contemporary artists in whose works we find this same reflection on education, the arbitrariness of a correction when it comes to a personal expression, the Futility of naming conventionally the matter of creation, poetry inserted in everyday life, the social pressures with which people grow, the search for a language of their own, the attempt to decipher the personal past, the decoding of codes that seem to us Inaccessible and the presence of the human being above all, leave the record of one's existence, that one was here.

(Fragment of the curatorial text of Adriana Gallo)


Artists invited: Ana Tiscornia, Patricia Bentancur, Alejandra del Castillo, Elian Stolarsky, Liliana Porter, Luis Camnitzer, Sergio Meirana, Ricardo Lanzarini, Brian Mackern, José Luis Invernizzi, Manuel Espínola Gómez.


Museo Figari, Juan Carlos Gómez 1427, Montevideo, Uruguay

From Thursday, October 20, 2017