Deborah Jafif en el Centro Cultural Borges

Argentine artist Deborah Jafif (1961) presents a site specific installation at the Borges Cultural Center, accompanied by a curatorial text by Victoria Cobos.

Deborah Jafif en el Centro Cultural Borges

Deborah Jafif was born in Buenos Aires in 1961. She studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Belgrano (UBA). She continued her training in the workshops of Enio Iommi, Nora Belts, Raúl Marengo,Johan Santana and Enrique Aguirrezabala and conducted the workshop of art theory with Jorge López Anaya. Since the 90s she participates in group and solo exhibitions.

Victoria Cobos expressed in her curatorial text:

"How long does a thought last? And if is to be transmuted in matter, how much space will it take? These questions are the starting point of the last series of work of Deborah Jafif, an artist who conceives the textile craft as from a sculptural perspective. In this exhibition she presents a site specific installation that brings together new pieces as well as reelaborations of a work begun in 2002. In these tissues that create networks made with nylon threads, Jafif accumulates working time alone with herself, time for thinking and reflection on the topics that interest her.

It is in this cumulative and progressive exercise arises the question of the place occupied by time in contemporary society. Jafif weaves as a way of accounting for these seconds, minutes, hours and days of work, such as small battles won to the frenetic pace of the world. Their networks function as a claim to a time introspective, as opposed to other daily instances of self-exposure. With his work, subverts the concept of network associated with the social connection, and rephrased to pull it in the opposite direction. In a social context that traps us and hypnotizes with its networks, Jafif develops a way of escape through art as an antidote to the requirement to show it all.

Jafif steps aside of the traditional units of measurement of time for balance in meters or kilograms and thus make visible the countless hours of manual work and internal that give body to its clouds of ideas. Here Deborah exposes its work processes and claimed the space of encounter with oneself. Installed the dichotomy between time gained and lost time, and in front of the impressive strength of these networks traps-thoughts, comes the inevitable question how long did it take to weave all this? And a picaresque overlooks response: "seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, years, centuries… millennia"."

Wednesday, March 7th to Monday  April 2nd

Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days… Millennia: Debora Jafif

Cultural Center Borges

Viamonte 525, Buenos Aires

Monday to Saturday 10 to 21 Hs and Sunday 12 to 21 Hs