On October 6th at Galería Leme, in São Paulo (Brazil), inaugurated "⌾" -symbol that refers to the sun- a collective exhibition commissioned by Catarina Duncan (Rio de Janeiro 1993), constituted through the work of seventeen artists who use symbology as a language. The work will remain in the gallery until November 3rd.

Ph: Filipe Berndt

The exhibition aims to build, through all it artworks, an imaginary where the symbology is overlapped with the traditional language to explain and criticize political issues. Also, establish relationships between the human and empirical and the hidden and unknown.

The symbol that bears the name of the exhibition - "⌾" - explained curator Catarina Duncan, is an appropriation of an icon used by a diversity of cultures to represent the sun and the manifestation of the divine. "Brazil is going through a very delicate moment and I like to see this show as a way of resistance, although it was not the intention of the curator," said Tatiana Gonçales in conversation with Arte Al Día and added: "Catarina opted for a more transversal research on multidisciplinary artists: Mahku - Artists Movement Huni Kuin (Brazilian indigenous ethnicity), Abdias Nascimento (revolutionary, politician, poet, etc), Camila Mota (Teatro Oficina’s actress), etc."

Catarina Duncan plays with the contradictions that manifest the interpretation of the same symbol, in this case the Sun. On the one hand, for some this is an immense source of light that brings life and allows the perception of things. On the other hand, the same symbol can be interpreted as a circle or a point: synonyms of perfection (a third level of meaning that emerges from one of the many interpretations). In this sense, it was  Cabelo’s artwork Ovo Bomba (2018) which gave rise to the name and central axis of the entire exhibition.

Regarding to symbols, Carl G. Jung wrote: "What we call a symbol is a term, a name or image that may be familiar to us in daily life, though it has special connotations beyond its obvious and conventional meaning. It implies something vague, unknown or hidden to us."

Artists: Abdias Nascimento, Aline Motta, Antonio Pichillá, Cabelo, Camila Mota, Christian Lenhardt, Dan Coopey, Frederico Filippi, Ismael David, MAHKU - Movimento dos Artistas Huni Kuin, Mariana de Matos, Moisés Patrício, Mônica Ventura, Raphael Escobar, Rodrigo Well, Vania Medeiros, Vivian Caccuri.