From 03/03/2022 to 03/31/2022
Casa Hoffmann
Bogotá, Colombia

The Colombian gallery presents VIDEOKINESIS curated by Carmen Gil Vrolijk. The exhibition delves into the exploration of transdisciplinary dialogues where the performing arts, installation, live video, generative image, sound and light materialize various plastic experiences that are traditionally ephemeral.


“I am a kino-eye, I am a mechanical eye.

I, a machine, show you the world as only I can see it.

Free from the limits of time and space, I collect the given points in the universe, no matter where I have recorded them.

My path leads to the creation of a new perception of the world.

I decipher in a new way a place unknown to you.”

-Dziga Vertov


Metaphysical philosophers called physical movement "kinesis" (κίνησις). For the Russian director Dziga Vertov, the “kino-eye” was the search for a total and integral objectivity in the images based on the absence of any artifice. Dance theorist John Martin enunciated the concept of "metakinesis" as the expansion of movement, and considered it one of the main qualities of modern dance, a means for the transfer of an aesthetic and emotional concept from the consciousness of one individual to another.

The participating artists and groups, whose field of action is usually centered on the performing or live arts, propose, based on the transversality of procedures, materials and techniques, reflections that concern problems such as space and territory, the perception of time, gender, and the body in construction and continuous movement; considering approaches crossed by science and technology.


VIDEOKINESIS aims to examine formulations of an artistic nature that have emerged from transdisciplinary creation processes. The reflections that have led to these proposals have risen from research on the visual potential of bodies on stage and/or in movement. In this way, the selected works are configured as artifacts that constitute experiences of inquiry into the aesthetic and plastic dispositions that the media in which the participating artists usually work can acquire, thus conceiving works of a transversal nature, and accounting for the diversity and versatility of these resources in the contemporary artistic field.

Participating artists: ATI-Erra Danza Multimedia (Edna Orozco) - Camilo Acosta (HunterTexas) - Julián Medina (LED) - La Quinta del Lobo (Carmen Gil Vrolijk, Camilo Giraldo Ángel, Juanita Delgado, Fernando Sierra) - Nueve Voltios (Mache and Leo González) - Santiago Echeverry - Sergio Mantilla - Telefante - Juan Orozco - Ymoov (Margareth Arias and Adrián Serna)



Curated by Carmen Gil Vrolijk

Winning project of the Santa Fe Gallery Network Scholarship 2021

Until March 31st

Casa Hoffmann

Cra. 2A # 70 - 25. Bogota, Colombia