Galería Ginsberg presents Conducción Neumática, the winning project of Economic Stimuli for Culture 2019 by the Ministry of Culture of Peru.


Galería Ginsberg presents a multi-media project that investigates the phenomena of air. The project Conducción Neumática reflects in a virtual tour format combining dance, sculpture, audio and video.

Conducción Neumática” is created and directed by Genietta Varsi. Peruvian sculptor and teacher who works with multidisciplinary methodologies combining art, medicine, biochemistry and anthropology and whose main development theme is the use of the body in everyday life. From this sculptural perception, Varsi investigates the model and transformation of bodies starting from the breathing of the human being.


Conducción Neumática (Pneumatic Driving) is a virtual project within the reach of a single click. It  has four areas that are enabled according to a schedule and an air manual, which consists of respiratory exercises available in video on the same page that can be worked alone, in pairs or in groups. The Manual de Aire can also be purchased in printed format on the same website.


The exhibition can be seen by clicking HERE