The art gallery prepares the festivities with a unique project that will be distributed throughout the year in four parts.


Raquel Ponce and José Robles celebrate their 50 years. She brings three decades to his profession and he two.

In 1991, while studying Art History, Raquel Ponce (Madrid, 1971) opened a small space for exhibitions. From a family in the field of international foundries, her environment from a very young age related her to the great names of 20th century Spanish sculpture. Artists such as Pablo Serrano, Rafael Canogar, Gerardo Rueda, among others. Instead, José Robles (Madrid, 1963) began working with emerging artists. Coming from the world of law and administration, in 2001, he was inclined to take as a new profession what he was passionate about.

“The one-man gallery system was being replaced by work teams and we thought that, together, we could go further. Time has proved us right ”, says Raquel Ponce, co-founder of Ponce+Robles.

What began as a friendship led to one of the most solid gallery projects on the spanish scene with a special connection to Latin America.

On its anniversary, the Madrid gallery will open four important exhibitions in its space, each with a curator from the Latin American scene in which they will develop one of the four elements in each exhibition.

Earth, Fire, Air and Water. The first sample, “¡Tierra a la vista! Un paisaje de formas encontradas” (Land ho! A landscape of found forms) will open on February 4. Curated by David Barro, the exhibition features six artists (Gabriela Albergaria, Ricardo Calero, Menchu ​​Lamas, Verónica Moar, Inés Teles and Françoise Vanneraud).

"This is an exhibition that tells us about discoveries based on the work of artists capable of configuring their own landscapes from found forms," ​​explains its curator.

At 50 AÑOS (30 más 20), the curators chosen for each element are David Barro (Earth), Pily Estrada (Fire), Susana Temkin (Water) and Tiago de Abreu (Air). The celebration will take place throughout the year in the gallery they founded together in 2013.