By Mercedes Abella

CRISIS gallery, in Lima, exhibits the Peruvian artists Rafael Mayu Nolte (Lima, 1992) and Teté Leguía (Lima, 1995) in an exhibition that plays with the eclipsed, grazes the impenetrable and intertwines the mundane and corporal in a diaphanous conception.


The exhibition is based on a set of hypotexts that provide ideas, definitions and catalytic nomenclatures, at the same time that they elucidate scenarios as empirical as a vestige of intuition. The interjection revealed in the literary amalgam prepares in the viewer an uncomfortable field but with a characteristic identity; a curious awakening to penetrate the opaque.


The works in Infinity Years Will Never Know, on paper, are closely related to the surrounding verb and exchange with it the colors that are neither missing nor exceeding and the blackness that outlines inner thoughts. Both Rafael and Teté use drawing to illuminate subjects, actions and space-time locations, thus illustrating circumstances in the limbo between dream and wakefulness, reality and fiction.

The texts that accompany the set of works are free interpretations of fragments of In Cold Blood by Truman Capote; The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder by Charles Graeber; Distant Star by Roberto Bolaño; and Fegefeuer oder die Reise ins Zuchthaus by Jack Unterweger.


«I need more money to be able to have more bodies, I should start my own business. Is it true that there is a casino on that asteroid? The owner must be a millionaire.”




«If we are going to have this discussion, let's define some terms: Nyctophobia: fear of the night and of the dark; Lapidícolo: that lives under the stones; Dyspathy: lack of sympathy; Hagiofobia: morbid fear of holy things and places; Nesciencia: ignorance; Aphrodisiac: drug or similar that incites sexual desire; Polyglot: who knows many languages; Every fifteen years, Mars gets a little closer to us. In 2020, it was 57.6 million kilometers; What is life? It is the glow of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in winter."


«All my life I have been enveloped in a kind of fog. At times that fog became more intense, as if I was not in control and was just a spectator. As if the others were in control; cellars, swamps, fathers, clouds, Antarctica. When I walk, I go through objects, because I am immaterial, I am furious and I am tiny. I have a default purpose. I am a follower, a fanatic. My avatar, of limited dimensions, fulfills the objective. My avatar desires and is desired, looks and is seen, it is error, it is number, it is light. I want to be Mars. I want to be the minute of the final decision. I want to be silent. But I'm just fog - »


*A gangbang plays on the screen as Kiki balances on Sara's head. Her body is slipping back into the seats. Greenman and Gina look at them from two rows above, it seems that they are trying new gestures and reactions. Kiki begins to suspect that Sara is immortal.*


"Death is my heart. Take my heart.


CRISIS Galería

25/03 – 30/04

Jr. Alfonso Ugarte 260, Barranco 15063

Lima, Perú