From 08/31/2022 to 09/23/2022
Quito, Ecuador

The +ARTE gallery in Quito exhibits Cadaunada with works by Juan Cristobal Sánchez and Martín Samaniego. The exhibition, curated by its director Gabriela Moyano, presents a proposal where figuration becomes rhythm and patterns open up possibilities.


The title 'Cadaunada' is borrowed from Miguel de Unamuno, who uses this term in reference to the personal, the proper, the limits and the possibilities of identity.

In Moyano's words, "The proposals create unknown worlds where intermittent imaginary views realize the potential to build realities that can contrast visually but that result as new species from personal processes."


With a philosophical background but a clear emphasis on technique, this exhibition displays the potential of each artist and their ways of working, language, observation and concern. The strokes of each artist are exhibited in different ways and in relation to their author but above all to their atmosphere: "From their positions, they provide a nebulous or confused order but that in essence is a precise mirage of its context," explains Moyano.

Juan Cristobal Sánchez (Quito, 1999) is an artist and architect. His training in the artistic field began at the age of 12 with Antonio Arias, a reference in Ecuadorian art, where in addition to learning the techniques of painting and drawing, he understood the artist's craft. Years later he leaves the workshop to begin with explorations and experiments with absolute freedom, a stage in which he will define his artistic concerns.

In 2017, he enters the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the University of the Americas in Quito, Ecuador; Where several aesthetic and spatial conceptions linked to an architectural theory as a philosophy of action are consolidated.

He has made several individual and collective exhibitions within Ecuador, as well as in Spain. In addition, he has been part of the Equinox Latin American Art Fair.


Martín Samaniego (Quito, 1991), multidisciplinary artist, lives and works in Quito, Ecuador. He obtained his BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL-USA, with a focus on painting, drawing and printmaking. His work uses mediums such as paint, charcoal, printmaking, embroidery, and handmade paper. His work is recognized for its reflective character approached from introspection, meditation and experimentation of both media and formats. He is interested in rhythm and repetition, referring to his career as a musician: he has developed an extensive career and is a founding member of La Máquina Camaleón and Da Pawn, with whom he has played at various festivals, concerts and theaters nationally and internationally.

This year he participated internationally in the Pinta PArC art fair in Lima, Peru together with the + Arte gallery (Quito-Ecuador). He has exhibited his work in Chicago and different cities in Ecuador.