With the work of the artists Andrea Canepa, Alberto Casari, Jimena Chávez Delion, Daniel Jacoby, Pierina Másquez, Andrés Pereira Paz, Sarah Zapata and curatorship by Julia Moro.


Wool is dyed and compressed, its fibers entangled with each other, it is spread out in tight sheets. It is sewn and returns to being a sheep, seen from space; she was part of a herd, although now she is alone in that first room.

The wool is spun and woven into a blanket, impregnated with ancestral, archaeological, or tourist motifs. He makes a first trip to the past. It grows old, travels and ends up in an antique shop in Miraflores (Andean rugs are so fashionable in the capital!). It joins the wool of a new generation of sheep in an embroidery that permeates it, the second trip to the past, of the illustrations prepared by Elena Izcue in the first Larco Museum. It is now on the gallery floor, passing the threshold of the second room.

The threads, this time made of cotton fibers, are woven into four pairs of stockings that never found neither their eight feet, nor the privileged space of the shop window. Today they are still confused by wearing a sculpture or acting as a lampshade.

Other threads formed fabrics, received bold prints, became blouses or pants, wore a body that danced, sweated, was cold. Now they come off in three hands that slide bodylessly across the gallery surfaces.

A little further on, the hand-tufted fibers on two rugs rest on the bench in the background and show conflicting faces hidden behind the stripes and pattern of the textiles.

Towards the end of the room, hangs a mesh that interweaves cotton, polyester and PVC, materials that have spent more time than anyone crossing oceans in the darkness of a container. From the extraction of its raw materials, to the factory, to the trade, to the artist's workshop, to the showroom, to the warehouse and now to this room.

We finally finish this tour as we started it, in a bucolic scene, with green hills and sheep's wool.

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