The exposition complements the artist's exhibition in Vilafranca del Penedés in the Sala dels Trinitaris, which opened last October 2020. In this way, the artist proposes a macro exhibition with the same concept: the abuse of power.


The aim of this exhibition is, according to the director of the gallery, Víctor Castañeda: "To leave a mark as a record of those moments of social and political upheaval that are experienced in a Barcelona - Cataluña - at the end of the second decade of the 21st century regarding dependencies, independences and pandemics. "


In the artist's words: "I work with ghosts in the psychoanalytic sense, that is, with internal conflicts, fears and tensions. In this exhibition there are collective ghosts, but also personal ones."


The exhibition is made up of different artistic elements that cover video creation, performance, sculpture, installation, photography and engraving. Two large-format art installations stand out, as well as a selection of works that were part of the retrospective entitled Why Shoes? at the Musée International de la Chaussure, Romans, France which took place in 2015. In addition to the photographic piece The Dog, a reinterpretation of Goya's masterpiece, and the series of etchings MICRODYNAMICS, which he has rediscovered during confinement. All of them have as their backbone the symbolic use of the worn shoe with which they present the oppression and inequalities of the contemporary world.

The shoe is a very personal element that expresses very well how we are and what interests the artist the most is that they are widely used because the personality and the biography that traveled with them is imprinted on the shoes. This allows one to get a taste of the inner wear that the shoe, that is, the person has experienced. When the artist began to work on this concept, he asked for used shoes through cards that he distributed in contemporary art centers. Nowadays, he gets shoes everywhere, sent by artists, friends, writers and acquaintances.


Xavier González-Solís Bou was born in Barcelona in 1962. He is a visual artist, graduated in Philosophy and Superior Technician in Sculpture. He has dedicated his youth to community action, pedagogy and the teaching of philosophy. In 1986, with two colleagues, he founded the La Plana Cooperative, a Rural Center for Reception and Culture in Santa Maria de Oló (now the La Plana Foundation). In 2005 he made the decision to dedicate himself exclusively to his work. He uses sculpture, graphic work, photography, video, performance and culminates in installations. It has been 10 years since he has his workshop installed in Rovira Roja, Barcelona. Nowadays he is entirely dedicated to his work. In the last twenty-five years he has developed his creations centered on the concept and the object of the used shoe and on the relationships that it determines as a paradigmatic symbol of contemporary human history.


Constrat Gallery

Consell de Cent, 281

08011 Barcelona