Casa Triângulo presents Paul Setúbal's first solo exhibition at the gallery.


"Bronze, Leather, Gold, blood" opens on February 27 at Casa Triángulo. Initially conceived to open in September 2020 but canceled due to the circumstances of the pandemic.

"My research is dedicated to the experiences that the body tries to reframe. It often starts from an event that I was impacted by or that I could not understand at first. Then these situations start to become subjects in my production", comments Paul Setúbal.

The title of the exhibition refers to the elements that conform the main works in the exhibition. To these elements, Setúbal attributes crucial interpretations to the components of the history of a country marked by the promises of progress. The show presents a domination of trauma overcome by violence and abuse. From these trauma, he will seek to materialize an answer: An awareness of the vulnerability of the human being where the body acts as the canvas on which external forces and authoritarianism paint their marks.

In his work there is constant reference to the consequences of trauma and shock, a more than common place in the lower social contexts that are dominated by the abuse of power and violence. The artist investigates the symbols of power as if it were possible to extract some kind of energy from them. His study is reflected in different media such as sculpture, video, performance, installation, photography and drawing.

"My interest is to present a set of works that dialogue with contemporary times, where the body is a fragile structure, but which has the capacity to withstand all types of pressure" - Paul Setúbal (1987, Aparecida de Goiânia, Brazil). Lives and Works in Sao Paulo.

Casa Triângulo (São Paulo) presents Bronze, Couro, Ouro, sangue del 27 de Febrero al 4 de Abril.

Feb 27 - April 4